Twenty-three Canadians to compete at the 2016 International Adult Figure Skating Competition in Germany

OTTAWA, ON: Twenty-three Canadian adult skaters will be competing at the International Adult Figure Skating Competition being held in Oberstdorf, Germany from June 13-18, 2016.

This year’s competition has once again attracted record numbers, more than 500 adult skaters from 32 countries. In order to compete at the International Adult Figure Skating Competition, skaters must be between the ages of 28 and 78.

“We are so proud that Canada has a healthy, active community of adult figure skaters,” said Leanna Caron, President, Skate Canada.  “Each year, we have a strong contingent of skaters who compete in this prestigious international adult competition, and they have done us very proud, bringing home many medals since this competition began in 2005.”

Over the six-day competition, skaters will compete in the following categories:

  • Free Skating
  • Artistic Free Skating
  • Pairs Free Skating
  • Pairs Artistic Free Skating
  • Ice Dance – Pattern Dance
  • Ice Dance – Short Dance
  • Ice Dance – Free Dance
  • Synchronized Skating

The 2016 adult figure skaters representing Canada are:

British Columbia
Diana Barkley and Geoff Squires (Ice Dance and Pairs)
Gary Beacom (Free Skate)

Maureen Bennie (Free Skate)
Joan McGrath (Free Skate)
Teresa Rambold (Free Skate)
Taya Shig (Free Skate)
Cathy Taylor (Free Skate)

Sara Davidson (Free Skate)
Takashi Ikeno (Free Skate and Pairs)
Angela Justason (Free Skate)
Christine Janes (Ice Dance)
Ken Langlois (Ice Dance)
Hisayo Shibata (Free Skate and Pairs)

Valerie Larouche (Free Skate)
Anny Carrier (Free Skate)

Nova Scotia
Donna Ellen Baker (Free Skate and Synchro)
Kayleigh Butler (Free Skate and Synchro)
Ashley Morine (Free Skate and Pairs)
Donald Murray (Free Skate and Pairs)
Kimberly Myra (Free Skate and Synchro)
Jillian Jackson-Rutledge (Free Skate and Synchro)
Meghan Elizabeth Stark (Free Skate and Synchro)
Team Scotian Waves (Synchronized Skating)

To learn more about international adult skating, please visit ISU Adult Working Group.

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