Canadians Bring Home 18 Medals from the International Adult Figure Skating Competition

OTTAWA, ONT: Canada’s adult figure skaters made an impressive showing at this year’s International Adult Figure Skating Competition, winning a total of 18 medals. The annual event was held in Oberstdorf, Germany, from June 13-18, 2016.

This year’s competition attracted over 500 skaters from 32 countries plus five synchro teams. Skaters competed in Free Skating, Artistic Free Skating, Pairs Free Skating, Pairs Artistic Free Skating, Ice Dance (Pattern Dance, Short Dance and Free Dance) and Synchronized Skating.

A notable highlight from the event was the performance of Gary Beacom from B.C., who captured two gold medals and earned 99.73 points in the Masters Elite Men III Free Skating category; the highest score ever awarded in this competition since it began in 2005.

The following Canadian skaters medaled at the 2016 International Adult Figure Skating Competition:

Gary Beacom – Masters (Elite) Men III Free Skating & Masters (Elite) Men III Artistic
Donald Murray – Silver Men IV Artistic
Taya Shig – Bronze Men I Artistic
Jillian Jackson Rutledge – Masters Ladies I Artistic
Ashley Morine – Bronze Ladies I Artistic
Diana Barkley and Geoff Squires – Adult Pair Artistic

Diana Barkley and Geoff Squires – Ice Dance Masters (Elite) Free Dance
Taya Shig – Bronze Men I Free Skating
Anny Carrier – Silver Ladies II Free Skating
Teresa Rambold – Silver Ladies III Free Skating & Gold Ladies III Artistic

Diana Barkley and Geoff Squires – Ice Dance Masters (Elite) Short Dance
Hisayo Shibata – Masters (Elite) Ladies II Artistic
Anny Carrier – Silver Ladies II Artistic
Donna Baker – Bronze Ladies III Artistic
Donald Murray – Gold Men III + IV Free Skating
Takashi Ikeno – Gold Men II Artistic

The 2017 event will once again take place in Oberstdorf and will be held from May 22-28, 2017. In addition, a second International Adult Figure Skating Competition has been added to this year’s schedule and will take place in Vancouver, B.C., from August 30-Septemebr 3, 2016. There are currently 270 competitors entered from 13 countries.

To learn more about international adult skating, please visit ISU Adult Working Group.

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