Community Story Series – Skating Through Time

Written By: Melissa Dimech

I was a very energetic and athletic child. I played various sports growing up and then one day, I fell in love with figure skating!

I seemed to have a natural ability to learn, paired with a fearless attitude, which in my opinion is exactly what someone needs to progress in this sport. My favorite aspect of skating is jumping. I absolutely loved jumping when I started skating and I still do to this very day!

As years went on, I tested, competed, skated in ice shows, taught others, and grew, not only as a figure skater but as a person. Figure skating contributed to developing some very important traits – discipline, determination and hard work! Growing up in a competitive sport shaped my life in many different ways.

As time went on, I grew older, my priorities changed, and life just got in the way. However, one thing that never changed is my huge passion for skating!

I’ve had a few breaks away from skating. My first break was close to a decade, which found me returning to the sport in my mid-twenties.

Returning to skating as an adult is exciting yet terrifying at the same time. Skating as a child and skating as an adult, is very different – not only physically but mentally. As adults, we tend to over think and that over thinking is an obstacle along the way.

Fast forward to the present, I am now 40 years old, this is my third comeback and I am loving it! I started an Instagram account (@meliskates) to track my progress, gather motivation, and to help other skaters by sharing my journey and experience. I’ve made some wonderful new friends from around the world, who also share a love of skating.

I still carry the desire and drive to keep skating and I enjoy every minute on the Ice. Luckily, I have also managed to pick up some new skills along the way.

So much has changed in this sport over the last three decades and being adaptable and open to change has proved vital to me in returning to this sport.

If you’re thinking about making your own comeback, my advice to you is to believe in yourself, and do what you love! Follow your heart and you won’t be disappointed.

Being on the ice, is one of my happy places! And I will continue to skate for as long as I can.


Skate Canada’s Skate for Life programs support and encourage skating for wellbeing, health and enjoyment.  Information about our programs can be found at

You can find Melissa Dimech on Instagram @meliskates

The Skate Canada Community Story Series will cover exciting stories from our sections and community skaters. If you have a story from your club or section that you would like to share with us, we would love too here from you. Please contact Skate Canada at [email protected]

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