Canadian skaters continue on ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit in Colorado Springs, USA

OTTAWA, ON: Canada will have five entries, for a total of eight skaters at the third ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating of the season. The event takes place in Colorado Springs, USA from September 2-6, 2015, and Canada will have one entry per category in men’s, ladies, and pair, and two entries in ice dance.

Antony Cheng, 17, Richmond Hill, Ont., will be the Canadian entry in the men’s division. Representing Thornhill FSC, Cheng is the 2015 Canadian silver medallist in the junior category. This will be Cheng’s first international assignment. He is coached by Katerina Papafotiou and Joanne McLeod.

Emy Decelles, 17, Baie-Comeau, Que., will be the sole Canadian entry in the ladies category. Last season, she placed 19th at the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Tallinn, Estonia. The representative of CPA Baie-Comeau also placed 10th in the junior women’s competition at the 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. She is coached by Karen Sauvageau and Fanny Jean at CPA Baie-Comeau.

Bryn Hoffman, 18, Calgary, Alta., and Bryce Chudak, 20, Calgary, Atla., will be the sole Canadian pair entry. This will be the first international assignment for the representatives of Calalta FSC. Last season, they placed seventh at the 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. The pair are coached by Anabelle Langlois and Cody Hay.

Mackenzie Bent, 17, Uxbridge, Ont., and Dmitre Razgulajevs, 18, Ajax, Ont., are one of two Canadian ice dance teams at the competition. This will be their first international assignment, having teamed up in the spring of 2015. Training at Scarboro Ice Dance Elite, they are coached by Carol Lane, Jon Lane, and Juris Razgulajevs.

Payten Howland, 16, St. Louis, MO, USA, and Simon-Pierre Malette-Paquette, 17, Montreal, Que., are Canada’s second entry in ice dance. This will be their first international assignment. Last season, the representatives of CPA Lorraine placed 10th in the junior category at the 2015 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. They are coached by Igor Shpilband, Fabian Bourzat, and Greg Zuerlein and train in Novi, MI, USA.

Scott Rachuk of Strathroy, Ont., will be the Canadian team leader. Dr. Ed Pilat of Winnipeg, Man., and physiotherapist Sylvia Ciurysek of Berwyn, Alta., will be the Canadian medical team onsite. Lorna Schroder of Georgetown, Ont., and Susan Blatz of Burlington, Ont., are the Canadian officials at the event.

The ISU will be live streaming the competition via the ISU Junior Grand Prix YouTube channel.

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Discipline Name Age Hometown Club Coach
Mens Antony Cheng 17 Richmond Hill, Ont. Thornhill FSC Katerina Papafotiou / Joanne McLeod
Ladies Emy Decelles 17 Baie-Comeau, Que. CPA Baie Comeau Karen Sauvageau / Fanny Jean
Pair Bryn Hoffman / Bryce Chudak 18/20 Calgary, Alta. / Calgary, Alta. Calalta FSC / Calalta FSC Anabelle Langlois / Cody Hay
Ice dance Mackenzie Bent / Dmitre Razgulajevs 17/18 Uxbridge, Ont./ Ajax, Ont. Uxbridge SC / Scarboro FSC Carol Lane / Jon Lane / Juris Razgulajevs
Ice Dance Payten Howland / Simon-Pierre Malette-Paquette 16/17 St. Louis, MO, USA / Montreal, Que. CPA Lorraine / CPA Lorraine Igor Shpilband / Fabian Bourzat / Greg Zuerlein
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