Canada’s Roman Sadovsky wins gold at ISU Junior Grand Prix

Roman Sadovsky Junior Grand Prix gold.BRATISLAVA, Slovakia – Roman Sadovsky of Vaughn, Ont. won the gold medal in men’s competition on Saturday to conclude the season-opening stop on the ISU figure skating circuit.

The 16-year-old Sadovsky totalled 203.72 points for his second career victory on the circuit.

His jump filled long program featured a quadruple Salchow which he landed successfully for the first time, at the opening. Near the end he dug deep to produce a triple-triple-double combo to cap the competition with two clean programs.

“This is an amazing experience,” said Sadovsky, visibly spent at the end of his performance. “After the quad Salchow I knew I had to calm down and not let the excitement get to me. I did a pretty good job handling that.”

Another goal the young Canadian achieved was surpassing the 200 point total.

“I want to keep getting that score higher,” he said. I left the triple toe out of the program and lost a lot of points there. Next time I want to get the toe done and get a higher score.”

Vincent Zhou of the U.S. was second at 200.85 and Denis Margaluk of Argentina third at 191.72.

In ice dancing, Audrey Croteau-Villeneuve of Montreal and Jeff Hough of Russell, Ont., were sixth and Valerie Taillefer of Montreal and Jason Chan of St-Laurent, Que., ninth.

Rachel Parsons and Michael Parsons of the U.S. won the gold.

Full results: 2015 Bratislava

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