Skate Canada is pleased to launch our Education Plan for Anti-Racism and EDI. This is a collective, active, and sustained educational plan that seeks to establish shared engagement with anti-racism and EDI resources at all levels across Skate Canada. The Skate Canada Board of Directors, senior management and national office employees, as well as the section leadership teams have dedicated time for their education and have begun the process . We invite all Skate Canada members and registrants to join in this shared educational journey.

 The Education Plan for Anti-Racism and EDI is composed of three phases, with accompanying resource modules:

  • Phase 1 – Learning about Race and Anti-Racism (Modules 1 to 3)
    • Release date: January 19, 2021 following the broadcast of the Talking About Race Panel
  • Phase 2 – Race, Sport, and Agendas for Change (Modules 4 and 5)
    • Release date: March/April 2021
  • Phase 3 – Fostering Positive Change in the Skate Canada Community
    • Release date: Summer/Fall 2021 (Module 6)
    • Part of Phase 3 will include sessions at the 2021 Ice Summit in May 2021 that will focus on EDI education. Details to come!

Robin DiAngelo

(for those interested in further reading, see Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Race (Beacon Press, 2018; also see):

Brené Brown

Being an Effective Ally

Race and Intersectionality