Strong free programs put Canada in medals at Neuchâtel Trophy

Neuchâtel, Switzerland – Strong free programs produced silver medals for Canada in both senior and junior competition on Sunday at the Neuchâtel Trophy synchronized skating competition.

In senior competition, Team Paradise from Russia took the gold medal with 213.50 points followed Les Supremes from St-Leonard, Que., in second at 198.06 edging Team Unique from Finland third at 198.04.  There were seven entries.

The 20-member  Supremes were third after the short program on Saturday just behind the Finns.

The skaters for Les Supremes were Rebecca Allaire, Katherine Beaucage, Alexandra Bernardo, Lou-Ann Bezeau-Tremblay, Audrey-Anne Blouin, Joannie Brazeau, Emma Maria Corona, Alessandra Criscuolo, Laurie Désilets, Mélodie Doré, Sara Gilbert, Dana Malowany, Agathe Sigrid Merlier, An-Kim Nguyen, Minh-Thu Tina Nguyen, Olivia Laurra Sena, Claudia Sforzin, Sofya Squalli, Hélène Stojanovski and Yasuko Uchida.

Les Supremes were sixth at the 2015 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Hamilton. The five-time consecutive Canadian silver medallists are coached by Marilyn Langlois, assisted by Pascal Denis, Amélie Brochu, and Amanda Gaiotti.

In junior completion, NEXXICE from Burlington, Ont., ranked third for both the short and long programs but their consistency paid off in silver with 138.86. Chicago Jazz from the U.S. won the event with 148.07 and Fond du Lac Blades, also from the U.S., were third at 136.24.

NEXXICE skaters were Madina Asrorova, Alyssa Finocchi, Alycia Giro, Taylor Johnston, Anna Ljunberg, Caroline Marr, Emiko Marr, Shayna McFadden, Jessica Morgan, Angie Qi, Jeian Amiel Simbahon, Samantha Smith, Melanie Spowart, Scarlet Stinson-Panning, Nicoel Susek, Alessandra Toso, Kayla Walker, Brooklyn Williamson, Emily Wright and Olivia Xie.

Last year, NEXXICE placed fifth at the 2015 ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships. Nexxice junior are coached by Trish Perdue-Mills and represent the Burlington Skating Centre.

Full results: 2016 Neuchâtel Trophy

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