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One Canadian skater headed to Las Vegas for 2020 Skate America

OTTAWA, ON: One Canadian skater is en route to Las Vegas, USA, for the 2020 Skate America, taking place Thursday, October 22 to Saturday, October 24. This will be the first event of the figure skating Grand Prix Series. Keegan Messing will be the only skater participating at the event, while Stephen Gogolev was scheduled to compete but had to withdraw due to injury.

Keegan Messing, 28, Girdwood, Alaska, USA., is the 2020 Canadian bronze medallist and competed at this event last season, finishing fourth. At his second Grand Prix assignment last season, Cup of China, Messing also finished fourth. He is coached by Ralph Burghart in Anchorage, AK.

With the recent cancelling of the second stop on the Grand Prix Series, 2020 Skate Canada International, which was set to take place in Ottawa, Ont., from October 30-31, Skate America will be the only competition featuring a Canadian skater this season.

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Canadian Entry at Skate America – Las Vegas, USA

Discipline Name Age Hometown Club Coach
Men Keegan Messing 28 Girdwood, Alaska, USA Ice Palace FSC Ralph Burghart