Insider Insights and Must-Dos Ahead of the 2024 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Montreal

With less than two weeks to go before the start of the ISU World Figure Skating Championships, we asked Rocker Skating what he was most excited about. Here’s what he had to say. 

Four years ago, we were all ready for Montreal to welcome the figure skating world with open arms—a very warm welcome, of course, to what many warned me could be a very cold city in March. And, as we all know now, it was this time four years ago when we were just getting notice that things might not be going as they had been planned.  

 So fast forward to 2024 (and I’ve been tracking the weather in Montreal, and it’s looking to be pretty nice) and it’s finally happening! The 2024 World Figure Skating Championships will be held in Montreal for the first time since 1932. And just as it was supposed to have been four years ago, it is the midway Worlds—the World Championships that is smack in the middle of the Olympic quadrennial.  

 It is consequential. 

 But before we get to the skating, one thing I always look forward to every Worlds is exploring the host city. I’ve been to Montreal before—and loved it. But this time around, I’ve been asking around even more. Because between my hours, and hours, and hours in the rink watching practice sessions, I’m going to try to take advantage of as much as I can in this historic city. In fact, there’s even a Facebook page solely dedicated to all the MTL things to do! 

Food? Yes. 

Now, if you follow me on social media, you may think all I eat are chicken tenders (you’re not wrong most of the time), but the food scene in Montreal is amazing. Like any great food city, there’s a mix of great food in formal restaurants, cheap eats, and everything in between. A couple of locals have also told me about the very Eastern Canada experience of the sugar shack. Look it up, and mmmm maple syrup. 

Coffee? Absolutely. 

A good flat white is what I need (multiple times a day) to sustain my nonstop coverage, and I already know this well because the last time I was in Montreal, I scoped out the good spots. You are sure to find me at MELK Café Stanley just a quick walk from the Bell Centre, or if I have a longer break, Bar Caffettiera just a couple blocks to the northwest. 

In and around the Bell Centre 

There will also be plenty to do in the downtown area near the venue. There are a few great museums within a 10-15 minute walk, including the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal—that’s the quintessential art museum experience. And for those who love Aljona Savchenko or Valentina Marchei’s renditions of Barbie Girl, well, there’s a Barbie Expo with over 1,000 Barbie dolls on display. The Bell Centre will also be home to a full-fledged fan festival—food trucks, expo booths of all sorts, and lots more. You can even watch the competition there while you’re enjoying the fan festival. 

Skating legends abound 

If you caught my Instagram Live with three-time World champion Patrick Chan a couple weeks ago, you will know that he and Joannie Rochette are going to be the Event Ambassadors at Worlds. Chances that you’ll catch them at Bell Centre? High! Get your sharpies ready for those autographs. And I’ve heard through the grapevine that Elvis Stojko, Keegan Messing, and Elladj Baldé will also be there. Legends everywhere. 

And if that’s not enough, the Exhibition Gala on Sunday will have live musical performances, in addition to performances by Baldé, Chan, Messing, Stokjo, and Les Suprêmes. With that kind of lineup, I might even stay for the Exhibition Gala for once! 

 All this and I haven’t even gotten to the skating competition yet for Worlds. Hope you all are as excited as I am! 

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