Black History Month

Since 1996, February has been officially celebrated as Black History Month in Canada after the first African Canadian woman, the Honourable Jean Augestine, was elected to Parliament and put forward a motion. The role of Black Canadians and other minoritized groups in shaping Canadian culture, society, history, and sports, is crucial. Black History month is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians to our community.

As Skate Canada strives towards a more equitable and diverse future, we encourage everyone to engage with Black History Month. Throughout February, we are featuring members of our community on our social media platforms to share their sentiments on what Black History Month means to them. We hope you listen to their voices and learn from what they share.

Black History Month is a moment for Skate Canada to have important conversations with one another and learn about Black experience, Black lives, and to further our commitment to counter anti-Black racism. We know that this must continue and not just take place in February. We are making progress, and we invite you to continue to engage with Skate Canada equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives and learning throughout the year.

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Canadian Synchro Teams Head to Three Different International Events in February

OTTAWA, ON. (January 30, 2023) – The international competition season continues for Canada’s synchronized skating teams after a solid start that saw NEXXICE Senior claim gold at the Mozart Cup and Les Suprêmes Senior and Junior win medals at the 2023 Leon Lurje Trophy. Throughout the month of February, senior and junior squads will travel to European destinations as they compete for a spot at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships® and the ISU Junior Synchronized Skating Championships® which are scheduled in March.

The 2023 French Cup will be taking place in Rouen, France from February 3-4, 2023, followed by the 2023 Hevelius Cup in Gdansk, Poland from February 9-11, 2023. The competition month will conclude at the Challenger Series Spring Cup, February 17-19, 2023, in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy.

This year’s national silver medalists Nova Senior, will be Canada’s lone senior entry at the 2023 French Cup. Over the weekend, the team placed 5th at the Leon Lurje Trophy which marked their first international competition since 2020.

Also attending the 2023 French Cup are junior teams Nova Junior and Ice Ignite. Nova Junior recently placed 4th at the 2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships followed closely by Ice Ignite, who placed 5th.

The following weekend, Canadian junior teams will head to Gdansk, Poland for the 2023 Hevelius Cup. Nova Junior and Ice Ignite will be joined by 2023 junior synchronized skating national champions NEXXICE Junior.

The last event of February will see 2022 ISU World Synchronized Skating Champions® Les Suprêmes Senior and 2023 national champions NEXXICE Senior on the hunt for podium finishes at the 2023 Challenger Series Spring Cup in Sesto San Giovanni, Italy. Both Les Suprêmes and NEXXICE junior teams will also attend the event.

Team Canada – 2023 French Cup 
Name | Coach | Training Location

Nova | Dominic Barthe | Saint-Hubert, Que.

Ice Ignite | Cara Moir & Sheri Moir | Ilderton, Ont.
Nova | Nadine Tougas | Saint-Hubert, Que.

Team Leader – Josée Bourdon
Judges – Susan Morriss & Sabrina Wong

Team Canada – 2023 Hevelius Cup 

Ice Ignite | Cara Moir & Sheri Moir | Ilderton, Ont.
NEXXICE | Julia Mills Bolton & Trish Purdue Mills | Burlington, Ont.
Nova |  Dominic Barthe & Nadine Tougas | Saint-Hubert, Que.

Team Leader – Shae Zukiwsky
Judge – Marion Dyke
Technical Controller – Andrew Bosco

Team Canada – Challenger Series Spring Cup 

Les Suprêmes | Pascal Denis & Marilyn Langlois | St. Leonard, Que.
NEXXICE | Jennifer Beauchamp-Crichton & Shelley Simonton-Barnett | Burlington, Ont.

Les Suprêmes | Amélie Brochu & Pascal Denis | St. Leonard, Que.
NEXXICE | Julia Mills Bolton & Trish Purdue Mills |Burlington, Ont.

Team Leader – Mary Ellen McDonald
Judge – Andrew Bosco
Technical Specialist – Kathy Mackowski
Referee – Cynthia Alpein

Cyr and Lacasse break Canadian record at 2023 Skate Canada Challenge Pre-Novice/Novice

REGINA, SK (January 28, 2023) – Sarah-Jade Cyr and Étienne Lacasse of Quebec City highlighted the pairs and ice dance finals on Saturday with a Canadian record performance at the 2023 Skate Canada Challenge Pre-Novice/Novice.

Cyr and Lacasse took the pre-novice pairs crown with 105.24 points, a Canadian record for the category. Julia Xiao and Keith Lau of Winnipeg won the silver with 94.90 and Siyul Back and Gavin Mahoney of Barrie, Ont., were third at 91.22.

‘’We are very proud because we knew we could do it,’’ said Cyr. ‘’We improved in both the short and long program and that’s a good feeling for us.’’

In pre-novice ice dancing, Tasha Lai and Mickey Becker-Pos of Vancouver won the gold medal with 94.49. Anna MacKenzie and Juel Kowalczyk of Toronto were second at 85.60 and Kadynn Morrison and Wesley Lockwood of Brockville, Ont., were third at 82.91.

‘’We’re surprised but we’ve trained hard, and it’s paid off,’’ said Lai, headed to the upcoming Canada Winter Games with her partner. ‘’We were kind of nervous and messed up some stuff but overall, not too bad.’’

In novice competition, Charlotte Chung and Axel Mackenzie Toronto won the ice dance with 111.00. Victoria Carandiuc and Andrei Carandiuc of Montreal were second at 109.80 and Chloé Mentha and Emile Deveau of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Que., third at 100.76.

Quebec teams were 1-2 in ice dancing. Alexane Jean and Charly Laliberté-Laurent were the champions with 118.90 followed by Beau Callahan and Benjamin Leduc in second at 111.86. Annika Behnke and Kole Sauve of Edmonton were third at 103.19.

Full results:–results

Canada’s Les Suprêmes win bronze medal at ISU synchronized skating competition

GOTHENBURG, Sweden  (January 28, 2023) – Les Suprêmes, from St-Léonard, Que., won the bronze medal Saturday at the Leon Lurje Trophy synchronized skating competition, the second stop on the ISU Challenger Series.

Teams from Finland were 1-2 with the Rockettes placing first with 238.35 points and Marigold Ice Unity second at 229.05. Les Suprêmes, posted the second best free skate but couldn’t move up in the standings finishing with 225.34.

Nova from Saint-Hubert, Que., was fifth.

In junior competition, Fintastic from Finland took the gold with 197.12 points. Les Suprêmes, third after the short program, climbed to second place with 187.89 and Skyliners from the U.S. were third at 182.29.

Gold Ice from Brampton, Ont., was seventh.

Last week at the Mozart Cup in Salzburg, Austria, Canadian champions  NEXXICE from Burlington, Ont., won the gold medal in senior competition.

Full results:

Men and Women Champions Crowned at the 2023 Skate Canada Challenge Pre-Novice/Novice

REGINA, SK (January 27, 2023) – The men’s and women’s champions were crowned on Thursday at the 2023 Skate Canada Challenge Pre-Novice/Novice.

In novice competition, the winners were David Howes of Winnipeg,MB and Gabrielle Jugnauth of Kelowna, B.C.

Jugnauth soared from sixth place after the short program to win the women’s event with 144.43 points. Mély-Ann Gagner of Sherbrooke, Que., was second at 137.76 and Lucille Yang of Ottawa jumped from 12th to third at 135.22.

‘’I was really comfortable with my long program and I’m happy with it,’’ said Jugnauth. ‘’I want to improve my short program for the novice nationals.’’

Howes won a tight battle in the men’s event with 130.73 points. Quebec’s Vladimir Furman won the free skate but remained second overall at 130.54 and William Chan of Richmond, B.C. surged from 11th after the short program to third with 112.78.

‘’I’m over the moon,’’ said Howes. ‘’It’s been a long season with a lot of development. I’ve shown a lot of improvement over the year.’’

In men’s pre-novice, Rui Qin Regina took the gold with a Canadian record 109.44. Travis Trang of Edmonton was second with 97.52 and Louie Fukuda-Wu of Richmond, B.C., third at 93.48.

In the women’s pre-novice, Lia Cho of Red Deer, Alta., was first, Sandrine Blais of Sherbrooke second and Ksenia Krouzkevitch of Oakville, Ont., climbed from 22nd after the short to win the bronze with the best free skate.

Competition continues through to Saturday with the pairs and ice dance events.

Full results:–results

All-Event Tickets on Sale for ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships® 2023

OTTAWA, ON (January 24, 2023) – Skate Canada is excited to announce that all-event tickets for the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships® 2023 can now be purchased at The ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships® will take place in Calgary, Alberta, at WinSport Arena at Canada Olympic Park, from February 27 to March 5, 2023, and will feature the world’s top young skaters competing for junior titles in men, women, pair, and ice dance. 

All-event tickets are priced at $105 (plus applicable taxes and fees) and include all competitions, practices, and the Exhibition Gala (the Exhibition Gala practice is closed to the public).  

Single day tickets will be available for sale in February 2023. 


The ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships is an annual event that moves around the globe, showcasing the best young skaters from around the world. 

Skate Canada has a long and illustrious history of hosting ISU sanctioned events, having previously held the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships five times. This will be the first time Calgary has been selected to host the event. Canada has hosted the Championships in London (1981), Kitchener (1987, 2005), Hull, (1992), and Saint John (1998).  

How Figure Skating Saved My Life – Katharine Davies’ Story

As a kid aged 8 or 9, Katharine Davies took a few skating lessons, but it was not an activity that stuck with her as she was drawn to dance, more specifically ballet.  A few months before the beginning of the pandemic, things started to shift for Katharine. She could feel her time as a ballet dancer coming to an end and found herself spending more and more time at the rink with her eldest daughter who had taken up figure skating.

In January 2020 Katharine thought it would be fun to take up figure skating as something she would be able to share with her daughter. She started slow, skating once a week, and was surprised at how hard it was. Ballet and figure skating often lend to one another, with many figure skaters taking dance classes to work on artistry, form, and other skills, but despite her background Katharine still found it quite challenging.

“I was getting frustrated,” she shared. “Everything felt harder on my left side.” Because of her ballet background, she chalked this up to having a good and bad side. “We all have an easier side and a harder side, but this gap was just so different.”

Winter passed, spring and summer came and went. All the while Katharine continued to find opportunities to skate despite the pandemic and found that she was beginning to make a fair amount of progress. The more progress, the more noticeable the gap became. What she could easily do on her right side was significantly harder on her left. Despite her on-ice challenges, there were no noticeable changes in her day-to-day life, so Katharine carried on.

In the fall of 2021, Katharine would discover that the gap she was experiencing on her left side was not limited to skating when she returned to a ballet class. Katharine shared: “Stuff that should have been super easy on either foot just wasn’t”. Following this discovery, Katharine immediately made an appointment with her doctor. Regular strength and conditioning tests revealed significantly decreased strength in her left leg. It could have been something neurological, or it could have been the nerves misfiring, but something was “off”. Katharine’s doctor sent her for numerous tests including an MRI.

The MRI revealed a brain tumor 5 centimeters in diameter (about the size of a small lemon), which is considered a large tumor. Things moved swiftly from that point. “20 minutes after my doctor entered my information into the database, he was contacted by a neurosurgeon. With a tumor this size everything is considered urgent.” Within two days, Katharine was sitting in the neurosurgeon’s office and found out she would have surgery as soon as an operating room was available.

On November 25, 2021, Katharine underwent a thirteen-hour brain surgery to have her tumor removed. Her surgeon was able to remove the entire tumor except for 2mm because the section the tumor was located in is a very sensitive area of the brain. Luckily, the surgery left Katharine with no permanent detriments; however, this was just the first step on her road to recovery and in January of 2022 Katharine would begin 27 rounds of radiation.

There was always a risk that Katharine might never skate again but four weeks later, determined and with the permission of her physiotherapist, she was back on the ice. “The first week I could not let go of the boards. The second week, I was able to let go of the boards to do stuff on my right foot. Week three, I was able to do everything next to the boards without holding on. Week four I was able to do backwards edges and by week five I was back to where I was prior to surgery.”

Katharine swears that figure skating saved her life. “If I hadn’t been skating, it could have been extremely, extremely severe. Not that it wasn’t, but it could have gotten to the point that it had done a lot more damage.” She continues to struggle with her left side on the ice but now thinks, “I have sort of reached close to a normal point of it just being a difference between the two.”

Katharine continues to skate and to live her regular day-to-day life. In November of 2022, she competed in her first competition in Adult Introduction Artistic and hopes to have developed enough to also compete an adult freestyle program next season. She has a goal of participating in the next ISU International Adult Figure Skating Competition in Canada. Katharine is a true fighter, determined and resilient. Her story reminds us that it is never too late to try something new, and that skating is for people of all ages and abilities.

Pre-Novice & Novice Skaters to Compete at 2022-2023 Challenge in Regina

OTTAWA, ON (January 24, 2023) – Over 250 skaters from across Canada will make their way to Regina this week for the 2022-2023 Skate Canada Challenge Pre-Novice/Novice taking place at Co-operators Centre at Real District in Regina, Saskatchewan from January 25-28, 2023. The event will feature pre-novice and novice skaters in men, women, pair and ice dance and will serve as a qualifying event for the 2023 Novice Canadian Championships.  

With many athletes moving up to new age groups, new faces will be looking to claim gold at both the pre-novice and novice levels. Last year’s pre-novice champions, Liam Schmidt (men’s), Alexane Jean & Charly Laliberté-Laurent (pair), and Auréa Cinçon-Debout & Earl Jesse Celestino (ice dance) will all be competing at the novice level and will once again be aiming for the top step of the podium.  

Tickets will be sold on-site at Co-operators Centre and will be priced at $50 (plus applicable fees) for all-event tickets and $25 (plus applicable fees) for single session tickets. 

For more information including the schedule, entries and start orders, please click here. All events on both competition rinks will be live streamed and can be accessed through the event page or the Skate Canada Dailymotion page. 

Canadian Synchro Teams Kick Off Their International Season

OTTAWA, ON (January 16, 2023) – After showcasing their programs last week at the 2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships, Canadian junior and senior synchronized skating teams will begin their international competition season with two events in January. The 2023 Mozart Cup will be taking place in Salzburg, Austria from January 19-21, 2023, followed by the 2023 Leon Lurje Trophy in Gothenburg, Sweden from January 27-29, 2023. 

Canadian champions NEXXICE senior will be the sole Canadian entry at the 2023 Mozart Cup. Nexxice is a twelve-time Canadian champion and finished just off the podium at the 2022 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships.   

The 2023 Leon Lurje Trophy will see both Nova and Les Suprêmes compete at the senior level. Both teams recently competed at the 2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships where they finished in second and third place respectively.  

In the junior category, recent national championship medalists Les Suprêmes junior and Gold Ice junior will both be vying for a place on the podium. 

Team Canada – 2023 Mozart Cup 

Name | Coach | Training Location 


Nexxice | Burlington, Ont. | Shelley Simonton-Barnett & Jennifer Beauchamp-Crichton | Burlington, Ont.  

Team Canada – 2023 Leon Lurje Trophy  


Les Suprêmes | Amélie Brochu, Pascal Denis & Marilyn Langlois | St. Leonard, Que. 
Nova | Marie-France Sirois | St. Hubert, Que. 


Les Suprêmes | Amélie Brochu, Pascal Denis & Marilyn Langlois | St. Leonard, Que.
Gold Ice | Jessica Brown, Jasmine Gagnon, Ashley Greenhalgh & Andrea Nesbitt | Brampton, Ont.  

Skate Canada Names Teams for 2023 ISU Championships

OSHAWA, ON (January 15, 2023) – Following the completion of the 2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships, Skate Canada has named its teams for the three upcoming ISU Championships. The week-long championships were held at Oshawa’s Tribute Communities Centre from January 9-15, 2023 and featured junior and senior skaters across men’s, women’s, pair, ice dance and synchronized skating.

Skate Canada has a robust selection criteria for each ISU Championships to undertake the selection of athletes and teams who will represent Canada at these events. Skate Canada’s selection criteria for ISU Championships can be found on


Kelly Ann Laurin / Loucas Ethier
Lia Pereira / Trennt Michaud
Deanna Stellato-Dudek / Maxime Deschamps

Ice Dance
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj Soerensen
Marjorie Lajoie / Zachary Lagha
Marie-Jade Lauriault / Romain Le Gac

Stephen Gogolev
Keegan Messing
Conrad Orzel

Sara-Maude Dupuis
Justine Miclette
Madeline Schizas


Ava Kemp / Yohnatan Elizarov
Chloe Panetta / Kieran Thrasher
Ashlyn Schmitz / Tristan Taylor

Ice Dance
Nadiia Bashynska / Peter Beaumont
Sandrine Gauthier/ Quentin Thieren
Hailey Yu / Brendan Giang

Wesley Chiu
Aleksa Rakic
Edward Nicholas Vasii

Kaiya Ruiter

SAITAMA, JAPAN – MARCH 20-26, 2023

Brooke McIntosh / Benjamin Mimar
Lia Pereira / Trennt Michaud
Deanna Stellato-Dudek / Maxime Deschamps

Ice Dance
Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj Soerensen
Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier

Keegan Messing
Conrad Orzel

Madeline Schizas

ANGERS, FRANCE – MARCH 10-11, 2023

Les Suprêmes Junior


Les Suprêmes

Fournier Beaudry and Sorensen earn first title at 2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships

OSHAWA, Ont. (January 14, 2023) – Laurence Fournier Beaudry and Nikolaj Sorensen of Montreal survived a mistake in their free dance to win the gold medal at the 2023 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships which concluded on Saturday.

Fournier Beaudry and Sorensen totalled 212.40 points for their first career Canadian crown. Marjorie Lajoie of Boucherville, Que., and Zachary Lagha of St-Hubert, Que., nearly capitalized on the error winning the free dance to climb less than a point back at 211.80. Marie-Jade Lauriault and Romain Le Gac of Ste-Annes-des-Plaines, Que., were third at 196.40.

In the free dance, Fournier Beaudry’s skirt got under her blade and she slipped slightly in the final movement of program.

‘’That last element didn’t count at all,’’ said Sorensen. ‘’So that cost us four-five points. Still we had so much fun out there and when it happened I just started laughing, this is ridiculous.’’

Also with their first national title was Deanna Stellato-Dudek and Maxime Deschamps of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que., tops in pairs with 199.18. Brooke McIntosh of Toronto and Benjamin Mimar of Terrebonne, Que., were second at 187.26 and Lia Pereira of Milton, Ont., and Trennt Michaud of Trenton, Ont., were third at 176.53.

Stellato-Dudek has been afflicted with nasty flu-like systems for the past few weeks.

‘’I wasn’t 100 percent and I’ve never felt like this for an event,’’ she said in a hoarse voice. ‘’It was hard but I feel OK, I was in the moment. We knew the door was open for us to get that title. I really wanted to get that gold for Maxime who’s competed at 10 nationals.’’

Keegan Messing, successfully defended his men’s title with 257.78 with the second best free skate. Conrad Orzel of Toronto was second at 237.46 and Wesley Chiu of Richmond, B.C., soared from 11th after the short to win the bronze at 226.15.

Messing announced earlier this year this would he last competitive season and the nationals were his final performances in Canada.

‘’I couldn’t have ended it on a better note,’’ said Messing. ‘’I could hang up my skates right now and be happy forever.’’

Stephen Gogolev of Toronto won the free skate moving from 17th to fourth.

Madeline Schizas of Oakville, Ont., repeated as champion in the women’s event with 196.47. Kaiya Ruiter of Calgary won the free skate to climb from sixth after the short to win the silver with 189.36. Fiona Bombardier of Newmarket, Ont., was third with 180.54.

‘’It was a fight from start to finish,’’ said Schizas, a 2022 Olympian. ‘’That program wasn’t easy and I pushed right to the end and I’m happy with that.’’

For full results click here.

Finalists Announced for the Skate With Us National Contest

OTTAWA, ON: Skate Canada is thrilled to announce the nine finalists for the Skate With Us National contest. Skate Canada was overwhelmed with the thoughtfulness and storytelling of all 106 entries.  It is a privilege to showcase the amazing talent of the skating community in Canada

To enter the contest, participants were asked to submit videos in one of three categories. Videos were judged based on creativity, an understanding of theme, overall presentation, and technical quality. The contest was created to showcase why you skate with us – no matter how you skate.

All the finalists’ entries have been posted to and individuals can now vote once per day for their favourite submissions. Voting will close on February 15, 2023 and the winning entries will be announced on February 18, 2023.

The Finalists

Skate Canada’s Got Talent

-off-ice talents-

Christopher Hammer
Club: Fliteway Skating Club
Section: AB/NT/NU
Title: Skate Canada’s Got Talent – Chris Hammer
Description: I am a competitive figure skater and a competitive hip hop dancer. In skating, I compete in junior men’s singles and novice pairs. In dance, I have competed in a number of different competitions and performances including the Kdays Talent Search, We Day, Singing Christmas Tree, Breakfast and Dinner Television, CTV, and more. Within this video, you will see some of the foundational styles of hip hop. The 3 styles shown are Animation, Locking, and Popping (in order).

Safiya Shujah
Club: South Windsor Skating Club
Section: ON
Title: STARSkater on the Ice: Star Baker off the Ice
Description: My video depicts my journey of starting my own baking business, while continuing to figure skate.

Matthew Yu
Club: Champs International Skating Centre of BC
Section: BC/YT
Title: Danzas Argentinas Op. 2 No. 3 (Ginastera), with a little Magic
Description: Music can open up our imagination and transform the world around us. In this video, I perform Danzas Argentinas Op. 2 No. 3 (by Alberto Ginastera), but with a little twist: as I play, the music gradually brings me to the skating rink!

Skate With Us
-personal stories and experiences with skating-

Jennifer Hortizano Bohn
Club: Creston Valley Figure Skating Club
Section: BC/YT
Title: Skate with Us
Description: A poem to reflect how I started skating, where I’ve been, and how I intend to continue.

Elizabeth Kenyon
Club: Skate Winnipeg
Section: MB
Title: I Am a Figure Skater
Description: In this video I reflect on my skating journey, my highlights, and challenges. I share how figure skating made me the person I am today.

Rena Wang
Club: Ice Palace Figure Skating Club
Section: AB/NT/NU
Title: A Rena’s Story in the Arena
Description: This video entry shows a small snippet of Rena’s skating journey so far where she shares her thoughts on figure skating and experiences with figure skating.

Club & Skating Schools
-something special about your club/school-

Minnedosa Skating Club
Submitted by: Jacquie Gerrard
Section: MB
Title: Where The Ice Is Our Home
Description: In 2020 when the world shut down something incredible happened in the small prairie town of Minnedosa, Manitoba. Our community came together to clear over 2km of skating trail around our lake. Although we couldn’t get together in our homes, we could see our friends and family on the ice. Since 2020 the Minnedosa Skating Club has seen tremendous growth in all our programs; CanSkate, Rising Stars and STARSkate. Skate WIth Us in Minnedosa – Where The Ice Is Our Home!

Montreal Silver Blades FSC
Submitted by: Stéphane Boutet
Section: QC
Title: We Are the Montréal Silver Blades (Adult Skating Club)
Description: We are the Montreal Silver Blades, a figure skating club catered exclusively to adults, but also, a community of adults who are passionate about their sport. In this short video, we give our members the floor to illustrate the importance of having dedicated skating spaces for adults, so that they can share their hopes and accomplishments. At the MSB, skating is for life! 

Prince George Figure Skating Club
Submitted by: Julia Shaddick
Section: BC/YT
Title: Together We Skate – PGFSC #skatewithus
Description: What makes PGFSC unique?  We don’t just train skaters, we foster friendships, celebrate individuality, and raise each other up.  We are more than a skating club; we are a community and family.  #skatewithus

Please visit to view all the finalists videos and make sure to vote for your favourite!

Best of luck to all the finalists as they compete for cash prizes and tickets to the 2024 ISU World Figure Skating Championships®!

Skate Canada would like to sincerely thank all the participants. The skating community continues to inspire the work we do, with each entry brining uniqueness and creativity in their own authentic way. To further showcase the talent we have also given several of the entries an honourable mention and have featured those on for fans to view.