Skate With Us National Contest

Skate Canada is thrilled to announce the Skate With Us National Contest. The Skate With Us National Contest is all about why you skate with us – no matter how you skate! It is an opportunity to showcase the amazing talent we have in the skating community.

To enter the contest, participants are asked to submit videos in one of three categories:

Skate Canada’s Got Talent: Share your off-ice talents. This could be anything from musical talent, to dance skills, to magic – anything you want to show off!

Skate With Us: Share your personal stories and experiences with skating.  Maybe it is to tell the concept behind this year’s program, or how you learned a new skill, how you just mastered skating backwards or even how skating has become part of your identity. No matter if you skate alone, or with a team, or even if you just skate outdoors for fun, we want to hear why you love to skate!

Club & Skating Schools: Showcase something special about your club/school. It could be something the club/school does really well, a best-in-class practice, or something that is totally unique to the club/school or something that the club/school are particularly proud of.

To enter participants are asked to upload their videos to YouTube and then fill out the submission form.

All videos must meet the following requirements:

  • Video must be four (4) minutes or less in length;
  • Video must be in English and/or French;
  • Video file size must be no greater than 1 GB; and
  • Video must comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines;
  • Please see the for more information.

Entries will be vying for cash prizes and tickets to the 2024 ISU World Figure Skating Championships! Participants could also have their videos shown at Skate Canada live events and on digital platforms.


Category Prizes
Skate Canada’s Got Talent First Place: Two all-event tickets to the 2024 ISU World Figure Skating Championships plus a $2000 CAD travel voucher

Second Place: $1000 CAD

Third Place: $500 CAD

Skate With Us First Place: $5000 CAD

Second Place: $1000 CAD

Third Place: $500 CAD

Club & Skating Schools First Place: $5000 CAD

Second Place: $1000 CAD

Third Place: $500 CAD


Videos will be judged based on whether they demonstrate creativity, an understanding of theme, overall presentation, and technical quality. The top three videos in each category will be selected by a panel of judges and the top three finalists in each category will be announced in January 2023. Videos will be judged by using the following criteria:

  • 30% Creativity
  • 30% Understanding of the theme
  • 20% Overall presentation
  • 20% Technical quality

The top three videos in each category will be published on and individuals will be able to vote for their favourite videos. People will be invited to vote a maximum of once per day. The winning videos will be decided by public vote and announced in February 2023. The deadline to enter the contest is December 31, 2022, at 11:59:59 p.m. ET.

Good luck to all the participants, we are looking forward to celebrating the talent we have in our community!

To enter the contest and for full contest rules and regulations, please visit

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