Canada Sends Nine Skaters to the 2021 Warsaw Cup

OTTAWA, ON: Skate Canada will have six entries for a total of nine skaters at the 2021 Warsaw Cup in Warsaw, Poland this week. Canada will have two entries in men, one entry in women, two entries in pairs, and one entry in ice dance. Warsaw Cup is the penultimate event in the 2021-2022 Figure Skating Challenger Series and takes place from November 18 to 21, 2021. 

Wesley Chiu, 16, Richmond, B.C., will be the first of two Canadian entries in the men discipline. Most recently Chiu won gold at ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Courchevel, France and bronze at the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Chiu is coached by Keegan Murphy and Eileen Murphy in Richmond, B.C. 

Stephen Gogolev, 17, Toronto, Ont., will be the second Canadian entry in the men discipline. In 2019, Gogolev won a silver medal at the ISU Junior Grand Prix Event in Lake Placid, USA. Gogolev is coached by Rafael Aruntyunyan and Lee Barkell in Irvine, California, and Toronto, Ont. 

Gabrielle Daleman, 23, Newmarket, Ont., will be the lone entry in women. She finished eighth in the 2021 Autum Classic International and won a gold medal in the team event for the 2018 winter Olympic games. Daleman is coached by Lee Barkell in Toronto, Ont.   

Thierry Ferland, 24, Levis, Que., and  Lori-Ann Matte, 22, Levis, Que., will be one of two Canadian entries in pairs. The pair team finished seventh at both the 2021 Skate Canada International and 2021 Autum Classic International. They are coached by Ian Connolly in Levis, Que.  

Deanna Stellato Dudek, 38, Park Ridge, USA., and Maxime Deschamps, 29, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que., are the second Canadian entry in pairs. The pair team came fourth at the 2021 Autum Classic International missing the podium by only a point. They are coached by Ian Connolly in Vaudreuil, Que.     

Molly Lanaghan, 22, Doncaster, UK., and Dmitre Razgulajevs, 24, Ajax, Ont., will be the lone entry in ice dance. In 2020 they finished fifth in the Bavarian Open in Obertsdorf, Germany. They are coached by Carol Lane, Juris Razgulajevs and Jon Lane in Scarboro, Ont.  

André Bourgeois, Skate Canada NextGen Director is the Canadian team leader at this event. Sylvia Ciurysek of Berwyn, Alta., will be the Canadian medical staff on-site. Guylaine Seguin of Sherbrooke, Que., will be the Canadian official attending the event.  





Wesley Chiu (16) / Richmond, B.C. / Connaught Skating Club / Coached by Keegan Murphy and Eileen Murphy 

Stephen Gogolev (17) / Toronto, Ont. / Granite Club / Coached by Rafael Aruntyunyan and Lee Barkel  


Gabrielle Daleman (23) / Newmarket, Ont. / Granite Club / Coached by Lee Barkell   


Lori-Ann Matte (22) and Thierry Ferland (25) / Levis, Que. / Levis, Que. / CPA St. Romuald St. Jean Levis / Coached by Ian Connolly  

Deanna Stellato Dudek (38) and Maxime Deschamps (29) / Chicago and Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec / CPAR Vaudreuil / Coached by Ian Connolly and Josee Picard 


Molly Lanaghan (22) and Dmitre Razgulajevs (24) / Doncaster, UK. And Ajax, Ont. / Scarboro FSC / Coached by Carol Lane, Juris Razgulajevs, Jon Lane   

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