2021 Annual Ice Summit Recap

Dear members and registrants,

What a fantastic way to end a difficult season. The 2021 Skate Canada Ice Summit was a huge success, and Skate Canada would like to thank all those who attended, presented, helped facilitate and coordinate this epic event.

This was the first year that the Ice Summit was held in a virtual fashion and allowed community leaders from across the country to meet online for an exciting, interactive conference. As we continue to inspire all Canadians to embrace the joy of skating, this year’s Ice Summit theme of Change Connecting Community seemed fitting, as our skating family from coast to coast to coast came together for two weeks in an interactive and engaging virtual environment.

The best news is that all the remarkable content from the conference is still available on the virtual platform until June 30, 2021, including the virtual Exhibit Hall. If you have registered for the event but couldn’t make a few sessions, you have full access to revisit these important and educational topics. If you haven’t registered but are intrigued, you can still do so by June 30.

Conference Highlights

  • An interactive, engaging virtual environment featuring comprehensive education and discussion with leading experts.
  • Honouring members of our skating community who have played an integral role during the pandemic.
  • Pre-Conference Virtual Skating Seminar hosted by World and Olympic Champion Meagan Duhamel. Sessions ranged from healthy cooking, skating techniques and more.
  • Pre-Conference sessions including a Leadership Development Session with keynote speaker Henry Burris.
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall that featured booths with a wide variety of programming content and more!
  • Educational workshops to help our clubs and skating schools provide a safe, inclusive, and diverse environment.
  • Safe Sport plenary session and four workshops, including body positive guidelines, bullying, injury prevention, and sexual abuse.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion plenary session and four workshops, including the basics of equity, diversity and inclusions, how to be an ally, and next steps in EDI and anti-racism.

Thank you, and see you next year.

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