OTTAWA, ON: Skate Canada would like to respond to the article published by Jack Gallagher on Japan Forward and a series of social media Tweets by reporter Philip Hersh on February 13, 2021.

Skate Canada stands behind its difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships. Several factors contributed to this decision, including evolving, unpredictable restrictions associated with travel and event hosting, including the possibility of on-site cancellation. Changing to an alternative location was simply not possible.  To read more, please see our full press release announcing the cancellation.

Skate Canada understands that coaches, choreographers, and skaters are frustrated by pandemic-driven decisions. The Board of Directors and its President, Leanna Caron, stand behind their decision that was fully supported by management in the best interest of all involved. The decision was highly informed and based on careful consultations with all Skate Canada Sections, and on the situation in British Columbia and across Canada at the time. The difficult decision to cancel our National Championships was based on the genuine concern for the safety of all participants.

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