Skaters in a CanSkate lesson.

Skating is one of the most popular sports in the world today. In Canada more than six million people lace up skates every year, and there are many winter celebrations that feature skating. Through the inclusive programming we offer, we encourage people to become involved and stay involved for life.

CanSkate is our entry-level program where basic skating skills are taught to children, youths and adults. After mastering the basics there are many options available. Check out the Skating Programs section to find a program to suit you.

Skate For Life

People skating outdoors.

Learning to skate is a natural part of Canadian life. From early steps on the ice, holding onto a parent’s hand, to skating as a family activity, or moving on to other ice sports, skating offers a rich tapestry of experiences. As we bring our vision to life, and inspire all Canadians to embrace the joy of skating, Skate Canada needs to find creative new ways to teach and to keep people skating

We want to see more Canadians skating. Working with our clubs and sections, we want to create innovative new ways to reach more children than ever with skating programs. Widening the pool of children who learn to skate recreationally will also provide a deeper pool of those who will pursue competitive figure or synchronized skating. Some may move on to other ice sports such as hockey, ringette and speedskating. Others will enjoy skating as an activity for fun and fitness, or continue skating at the college and adult level. And once people have embraced skating as an activity, they often choose to stay involved for life, as adult skaters, volunteers, coaches, administrators and officials.

By entering into new collaborative partnerships, and revamping the delivery structure of our programs, we can achieve our goal to: expand our reach through the development of member and partner programs in the Skate for Life programming.

Skate To Win

Team Canada

Skate Canada’s athletes have had continued success on the world and Olympic stage. In an effort to continually move the sport forward, Skate Canada is looking at ways to enhance that level of achievement, and to improve it. Our athletes benefit daily from the expertise, experience and leadership of some of the world’s best coaches. Coaching excellence is one of the main reasons for the leave of success consistently achieved by Canadian figure skaters.

While our athletes and coaches are delivering world class performances on the international stage, those results have been due to incredible athlete determination and dedication, exceptional coaching, and an overall strong local support system. One key factor that has been missing is a national development strategy to enhance and expand the coach excellence across the country and to improve the localized daily training environment of our athletes. The creation of a more seamless and progressive development structure will maximize athlete retention and progression.

Also on the horizon are more opportunities for research and innovation through partnerships. Research in such areas as biomechanics; physiology; psychology; nutrition; equipment; on and off-ice training strategies); and socio-cultural factors in/on performance will provide more evidence-based programs. Yet to be discovered innovation will drive performance and help us maintain our position as a world leader in competitive results. This would lead to our goal to: maintain our current success at world championships and Olympic Winter Games.