Skate Canada strongly encourages that the individuals involved make every
effort to resolve the dispute amongst themselves. If the dispute is resolved
among the parties then no escalation is required.

If not feasible, follow the steps below.

Complaints of General Disputes must be submitted in writing to the club or skating school as the first step to resolving the dispute.
Has the complaint been submitted to the club or skating school?



Once a general dispute has been reported and until a decision is released, to protect the interests of all parties, no individual is permitted to disclose either the existence of a complaint or confidential information or records that form part of the investigation of the complaint to any individual outside of the complaint except as strictly required for the purposes of investigating, taking corrective action with respect to the complaint, or as otherwise compelled by law.

Acting in good faith

Anyone reporting a concern must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information being reported is true and accurate. Any allegations that prove not to be substantiated and prove to have been malicious or intentionally false will be viewed as a serious offence, subject to disciplinary action.


The complaint of general disputes must be submitted in writing (email or mail). It should contain as much information as possible about the dispute which is the subject of the concern, including but not limited to dates, times, and locations of the dispute (as applicable), names of any witnesses to the dispute(s), and a detailed description of the dispute.