Selection Criteria and Qualifying System

Skate Canada Sectionals

Sectional events are held for juvenile, pre-novice, novice, junior and senior competitors. For pre-novice, novice, junior and senior competitors, these are the qualifying competitions for Skate Canada Challenge. Sectional competitions are held annually in each of the 10 Sections.

Juvenile competitors at the Skate Canada Sectionals do not progress any further.

The top placements in pre-novice, novice junior and senior advance to the Skate Canada Challenge.

Pre-Novice and Novice 4 4  3  3  16  8  3  3  3  3
Junior and Senior 3 3  2  2  15  8  2  2  2  2

Skate Canada Challenge

This competition qualifies athletes for the Canadian Figure Skating Championships. In novice, junior and senior events a maximum of 18 men, 18 women, 12 pairs and 15 ice dance teams.

Pre-novice competitors do not progress to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships and the winners will be declared the Pre-Novice Champion of Canada.

Byes may be granted through sectional or challenge level of competition. The granting of a bye permits a skater to pass to the next level of competition without competing at a prerequisite level. Byes are classified as: (1) Automatic when granted to all skaters or teams in a given situation (e.g. the competitors who placed first, second and third nationally in senior the previous year), (2) Individual when granted to a particular skater for medical or international assignment reasons.

For example, if there are two senior women byes awarded then a maximum of 16 women only could qualify at the Skate Canada Challenge for the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, where a total field of 18 women would be entered.

Canadian Figure Skating Championships

National Team
The top five finishers at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in the senior singles, pair and ice dance disciplines are eligible for nomination to the National Team.

ISU Championships
At the conclusion of the Canadian Figure Skating Championships, the teams that will represent Canada at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships, the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships and the ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships are selected and announced.

Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships

National Synchronized Skating Teams
The top three senior teams chosen at the conclusion of the Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships make up the National Synchronized Skating Team.

Non-Canadian Citizens: Eligibility to Compete

2017-18 Skate Canada Qualifying Competitions

All Non-Canadian citizens interested in competing in the 2017-2018 Skate Canada Qualifying Competitions are required to complete the NON-CANADIAN CITIZEN APPLICATION. In order to be eligible to compete in the 2017-2018 Skate Canada Qualifying Competition, you must present an “Acceptance” letter from the Skate Canada National Office when you register for entry into the 2017-18 Qualifying Competition.

Please complete the NON-CANADIAN CITIZEN APPLICATION and forward it to the attention of Laura Baker, High Performance Manager no later than August 25, 2017.

Applications will not be considered complete until Skate Canada receives all required or subsequently requested information or documentation from the applicant. If the application is approved, Skate Canada will forward the applicant an “Acceptance” letter by mid-October 2017 confirming that the applicant can register for the 2017-18 Skate Canada Qualifying Competition. A copy of the “Acceptance” letter must be included with your registration each and every time you enter a Skate Canada competition.

Skate Canada urges Non-Canadian citizens to begin the application process as soon as possible as you will not be able to register and/or enter the 2017-18 Skate Canada Qualifying Competition prior to completing this process.
Please refer to Skate Canada Rule 5401 and ISU Rule 109 as the responsibility for complying with the rules rests solely with the applicant.