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Sexual abuse means any form of sexual act and/or interaction, whether physical or psychological in nature, and which may occur through behaviours that do or do not involve actual physical contact, that is committed, threatened, or attempted against an individual without the individual’s consent. It includes a sexual act and/or interaction with individual (s) of any age that is perpetrated against the victim’s will, unwanted, without consent, or in an aggressive, exploitive, coercive, manipulative, or threatening manner, and includes but is not limited to, the Criminal Code Offenses in force and effect and as amended from time to time, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, indecent exposure, voyeurism and non-consensual distribution of sexual/intimate images). It also includes sexual harassment and any form of stalking of a sexual nature. Sexual abuse can take place through any form or means of communication (e.g., in-person, electronic communication, verbal, written, visual, through cyber means, or through a third-party).