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Neglect occurs when a person, who has a duty to care, fails to provide another person with the basic needs and requirements (including lack of reasonable care, inattention to needs, nurturing or well-being, or acts of omissions in care) or protect the other person from harm or potential harm. This includes but is not limited to: not providing an athlete recovery time and/or treatment for an injury; not being aware of and not considering an individual’s physical or intellectual disability; not considering supervision of an athlete during travel, training or competition; not considering the welfare of the athlete when prescribing dieting or other weight control methods (e.g., weigh-ins, caliper tests); disregarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs by an athlete; failure to ensure safety of equipment or environment; allowing athlete’s to disregard sport’s rules, regulations and standards, subjecting individuals to the risk of maltreatment. Need is determined by the objective behaviour but the behaviour must be evaluated with consideration given to the individuals needs and requirements, not whether harm is intended or results from the behaviour. See also the definition of “act that denies attention or support”.