The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility (EDIA) Operating Committee is comprised of members of the skating community from all different backgrounds and experts in EDIA. The EDIA Operating Committee reports to and is accountable to the CEO.

The EDIA Operating Committee follows a social justice model and engages in ongoing self-education, develops educational plans, creates and/or sources resource materials for our community, identifies areas for change, and develops strategies for diverse voices to be heard in skating.

  • Anne Marie Behnke (Skate Canada coach)
  • Tina Chen (Executive Lead (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) at University of Manitoba and Skate Canada coach)
  • Patty Klein (Skate Canada Board Member and official(
  • Clifford A. Mushquash (Social worker and Skate Canada official)
  • Rachel Naylor (Adaptive skating participant )
  • Patricia-Ann Que (Skate Canada Project Manager, EDIA)
  • Andrea Satar (Skate Canada coach and section volunteer. Active member of the synchronized skating communityand former national team member)
  • Khorana Séa-Alphonse (Skate Canada Coach)
  • Dr. Shae Zukiwsky (Skate Canada staff – Senior Director, Performance Excellence)
  • Elladj Baldé (Skate Global Founder)
  • Patrick Chan (Three-time Olympic medallist and Skate Canada coach)
  • Paul Poirier (Olympian and national team member)
  • Kaitlyn Weaver (Three-time world medallist and Olympian)