National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

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Launched in 1970, the NCCP is a partnership between the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), the federal, provincial, and territorial governments, and more than 60 national sport organizations and their provincial and territorial sport associations. As Canada’s recognized training and certification program, the NCCP serves a wide range of coaches – from those who introduce beginners to sport to those working with high performance athletes.

The future of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) at Skate Canada is shaping up to be exciting and in direct alignment with our Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. The new NCCP model (approved in 2015) will train and certify coaches in contexts specific to the level of athletes they want to work with.


National Coaching Certification Program

NCCP model

Skate Canada is currently transitioning to the LTAD aligned model and will be facilitating training in both the current and revised NCCP until 2018. Visit the coaching section on the Info Centre for detailed information on the Skate Canada coach development pathways.

Registration for NCCP Courses

  • All persons registering in NCCP courses are associate members or coaching members of Skate Canada.
  • Any member of Skate Canada may audit a NCCP course provided availability but will not receive credit for the course.
  • Coaches must meet the minimum criteria (pre-requisites) before acceptance and participation in a NCCP course. Please refer to the NCCP training and certification requirements below for any specific training prerequisites.

Training and Certification

A coach is described as:

  • In Training – when a coach has completed some of the required training for a context;
  • Trained – when a coach has completed all required training for a context;
  • Certified – when a coach has completed all evaluation requirements for a context.

The new NCCP model distinguishes between training and certification. Coaches can participate in training opportunities to acquire or refine the skills and knowledge required for a particular coaching context as defined by the sport. To be certified in a coaching context, coaches are evaluated on their demonstrated ability to perform within that context in areas such as program design, practice planning, performance analysis, program management, ethical coaching, support to participants during training, and support to participants in competition.

Certified coaches enjoy the credibility of the sporting community and of the athletes they coach because they have been observed and evaluated “doing” what is required of them as a competent coach in their sport. They are recognized as meeting or exceeding the high standards embraced by more than 60 national sport organizations in Canada. Fostering confidence at all levels of sport, certification is a benefit shared by parents, athletes, sport organizations, and our communities.

To check your certification status, please visit the Coaching Association of Canada website at

To find out more information on getting started on the technical coaching courses contact the Skate Canada Section in your province for details of NCCP courses being offered.

For more information regarding the Introduction to Competition Multi-sport Module courses, please contact the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Coordinators.

For more information regarding Skate Canada’s NCCP courses please visit Info Centre.