Skate Canada Logo

The Skate Canada logo is made up of two elements: the maple leaf and skate blade symbol and the wordmark “Skate Canada”. These two elements must always appear together.

Wherever possible the English Skate Canada logo should be used on English documents and the French Patinage Canada logo should be used on French documents.

The logo must always be protected on all sides by a negative or white space equivalent to the height and width of the letter S of the Skate Canada lettering in the wordmark. This safe area must be free of all non-branded graphic or copy elements, and is to be respected under all circumstances.


When using the Skate Canada logo alongside either a section or club logo, or a partner, the Skate Canada logo should appear side-by side with its counterparts. On occasion, due to design constraints, it could appear above or below, but always on an equal size ratio to the other logos being used.

Policy for use of Skate Canada Logo

The mark and wordmark Skate Canada are registered trade-marks of the Association and are exclusive to the corporation.

Primary Colours

Process Colours

Process colour for print projects
Monitor colour for website and electronic use
Light Red
Pantone: 186
Dark Red
Pantone: 188
1. Skate Canada Logo in two colours
2. Skate Canada Logo in black only

Download the full Skate Canada Brand guidelines.

Skate Canada sections, clubs and skating schools can access the Skate Canada logos and other logos on the info centre.