Black History Month

Since 1996, February has been officially celebrated as Black History Month in Canada after the first African Canadian woman, the Honourable Jean Augestine, was elected to Parliament and put forward a motion. The role of Black Canadians and other minoritized groups in shaping Canadian culture, society, history, and sports, is crucial. Black History month is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Canadians to our community.

As Skate Canada strives towards a more equitable and diverse future, we encourage everyone to engage with Black History Month. Throughout February, we are featuring members of our community on our social media platforms to share their sentiments on what Black History Month means to them. We hope you listen to their voices and learn from what they share.

Black History Month is a moment for Skate Canada to have important conversations with one another and learn about Black experience, Black lives, and to further our commitment to counter anti-Black racism. We know that this must continue and not just take place in February. We are making progress, and we invite you to continue to engage with Skate Canada equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives and learning throughout the year.

For more information : February is Black History Month –

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