Skate Canada Invites All Canadians to #SkateWithUs This Season

OTTAWA, ON: (September 8, 2022) – The skating season is officially upon us and Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast are invited to register for a skating program at their local Skate Canada club or skating school. With a wide range of programs being offered, skaters of all ages and abilities can learn various skills at their own pace. 

Skate Canada currently offers three programs: CanSkate for beginners of any age, STAR 1-5 as an introduction to figure skating and PowerSkate for the enhancement of skating skills for hockey and ringette players.  

As the best learn to skate program in the country, CanSkate is geared towards beginners of all ages including children, adults, newcomers and athletes with a disability (AWAD). Whether you are looking to improve basic skating skills for figure skating, hockey, ringette or speed skating, or wish to skate for recreation, CanSkate will help you reach your goals. Join the millions of Canadians, including world and Olympic figure skating champions, Olympic speed skaters, and National Hockey League stars, that have taken their first steps on the ice through the CanSkate program.   

Further skating opportunities include:  

  • Synchronized Skating – for those looking to develop skills and participate in skating as a team  
  • Adaptive Skating – options are available within all our programs for the development of skating skills. Contact your local club for details.  
  • Adult Skating – options are available by contacting your local skating club for details and availability.  

All Skate Canada member coaches hold National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) status, first aid and valid police clearance checks. Quality instruction is available at all 1,200 member clubs and skating schools across the country.  

To learn more about skating programs near you, please contact your nearest club using Skate Canada’s Find a Club feature. We are excited for you to #SkateWithUs this coming season! 

You may….Skate alone. Skate in pairs. Skate with a Team. Skate with hundreds. Skate for fun. Skate to win. Skate to travel. Skate to exercise. Skate to excel. Skate to relax. But you’ll always… #SkateWithUs. 


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