Roman Sadovsky snares Olympic spot for Canada at Nebelhorn Trophy

OBERSTDORF, Germany – Roman Sadovsky accomplished his goal on Friday by earning a second Olympic spot in men’s singles for Canada by placing eighth at the Nebelhorn Trophy, a stop on the ISU Challenger Series figure skating circuit.

The 22-year-old from Vaughan, Ont., needed to be in the top-seven countries competing for a spot. One skater in the top-eight was not eligible for a qualifying spot.

‘’I didn’t think it would nearly as hard as what it was,’’ he said. ‘’I was training for this competition and I felt confident but once I stepped on the ice it hit really differently. I’m glad I got that Olympic spot and it’s out of the way.’’

Vincent Zhou of the U.S. took the gold medal with 284.23 points, Adam Siao Him Fa of France was second at 243.78 and Mark Kondratiuk of Russia third at 241.06. Sadovksy scored 207.62, just over four points ahead of two skaters from Turkey.

Skating to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, Sadovsky had a rough start to his program falling on his opening quad Salchow. However he quickly regained his composure and improved throughout the skate.

‘’It would have been a little bit of a nightmare if I didn’t get the spot,’’ he said. ‘’I know I’d be beating myself up but I did what I had to do and I’m happy about it.’’

Canada earned one spot in men’s singles at the word championships this past spring when Keegan Messing posted a sixth-place finish.

Sadovsky was the only Canadian entry at the competition.

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