Congratulatory message for athletes from Skate Canada President Leanna Caron & CEO Debra Armstrong

In these most unprecedented of times, we would like to offer sincere congratulations to our incredibly talented athletes who recently competed at the virtual 2021 Skate Canada Challenge.

This season has been one unlike any other for all of you, and circumstances greatly impacted your normal training environments as you prepared for the competitive season. Your passion, dedication and perseverance in these challenging times is admirable, and your extraordinary commitment to pursue personal excellence is an inspiration to us all.

Athletes, coaches, choreographers, officials, section and office staff and volunteers from across the country have come together like never before in recent months. We share your profound disappointment in the difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships, but you should be commended for overcoming adversity and making the best of a difficult situation. Congratulations to all who competed at Skate Canada Challenge, and to those who qualified for the national championships.  Our gratitude also goes to coaches, family and others who have provided incredible support to all athletes throughout this unprecedented skating season.

Brighter days are ahead. There will be a day, and hopefully soon, when our lives return to a sense of normalcy and we are back on the ice for another competition season. Until then, be safe and be there for each other, and continue to chase your dreams.

On behalf of all of us at Skate Canada, congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to all.


Leanna Caron, President and Debra Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer
Skate Canada

Congratulations to all athletes who competed at the 2021 Skate Canada Challenge:

Alexandra Sarmiento Diaz Alyssa Robinson / Jacob Portz Brian Chiem
Eric Liu Grace Pelé / Zaheen McKnight Grace Johnson
Jessica-Lee Behiel / Jackson Behiel Kaiya Ruiter Madison Moore
Matthew Newnham Mia Saunders / William Oddson Michelle Deng
Mikala Cutler / Mackenzie Mah Tim Pomares Torri Hollstein / Joshua Burger

Congratulations to all athletes who qualified for the 2021 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships:


Roman Sadovsky (ON) Madline Schizas (ON) Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier (ON) Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael Marinaro (ON)
Nam Nguyen (ON) Alison Schumacher (ON) Laurence Fournier Beaudry / Nikolaj Sørensen (QC) Evelyn Walsh / Trennt Michaud (ON)(Bye)
Keegan Messing (AB/NT/NU) (Bye) Gabrielle Daleman (ON) Marjorie Lajoie / Zachary Lagha (QC) Lori-Ann Matte / Thierry Ferland (QC)
Corey Circelli (ON) Kaiya Ruiter (AB/NT/NU) Carolane Soucisse / Shane Firus (QC) (Bye) Deanna Stellato / Maxime Deschamps (QC)
Joseph Phan (QC) Michelle Long (ON) Haley Sales / Nikolas Wamsteeker (BC/YK) Brooke McIntosh / Benjamin Mimar (ON)
Conrad Orzel (ON) Véronik Mallet (QC) Alicia Fabbri / Paul Ayer (QC) Natasha Purich / Bryce Chudak (QC)
Nicolas Nadeau (QC) Catherine Carle (ON) Molly Lanaghan / Dmitre Razgulajevs (ON) Justine Brasseur / Zachary Daleman (ON)
Eric Liu  (AB/NT/NU) Emily Bausback (BC/YK) Elysia-Marie Campbell / Liam Fawcett (QC) Patricia Andrew / Steven Adcock (ON)
Beres Clements (BC/YK) Amanda Tobin (ON) Jessica-Lee Behiel / Jackson Behiel (AB/NT/NU)
Jack Dushenski (ON) Michelle Rivest (QC)
Bennet Toman (ON) Kim DeGuise Leveillee (QC)
Samuel Angers (QC) Béatrice Lavoie-Léonard (QC)


Rio Morita (ON) Sara-Maude Dupuis (QC) Natalie D Alessandro / Bruce Waddell (ON) Audrey Carle / Gabriel Farand (ON)
Matthew Newnham (AB/NT/NU) Melody Zhu (BC/YK) Miku Makita / Tyler Gunara (BC/YK) Kelly Ann Laurin / Loucas Éthier
Wesley Chiu (BC/YK) Lia Pereira (ON) Nadiia Bashynska / Peter Beaumont (ON) Meghan Fredette / William St-Louis (QC)
Shohei Law (BC/YK) Jaime Gabbard (ON) Hannah Lim / Ye Quan (QC) Émy Carignan / Bryan Pierro (QC)
Tim Pomares (AB/NT/NU) Michelle Lee (ON) Lily Hensen / Nathan Lickers (ON) Esther Feinberg / Alexandre Simard (QC)
Alec Guinzbourg (ON) Fiona Bombardier (ON) Jessica Li / Jacob Richmond (QC) Lily Wilberforce / Aidan Wright (ON)
Brendan Wong (BC/YK) Emma Szeto (BC/YK) Alyssa Robinson / Jacob Portz (AB/NT/NU) Chloe Panetta  / Kieran Thrasher (QC)
William St-Louis  (QC) Rose Théroux (QC) Sydney Embro / Eric Millar (ON) Elizabeth Thibodeau Mailhot / Nicolas Frantz (QC)
Brian Chiem (AB/NT/NU) Michelle Deng (AB/NT/NU) Mia Saunders / William Oddson (AB/NT/NU)
Maksim Chelmaev (QC) Natalie Roccatani (ON) Chaima Ben Khelifa / Everest Zhu (QC)
Daniel Nazdrynau (ON) Camille Perreault (QC)
Jackson Ellis (ON) Laura F Paquette (QC)