Supporting our NextGen Through Toller Cranston’s Legacy

Figure skating is driven by determination, dedication and a desire to express yourself with artistic passion on the ice. The Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Athlete Award recognizes these attributes in 14 of the top Next Gen skaters who exemplify this in their sport.

The award honours the late Toller Cranston, a man known for his creativity, freedom of expression and dramatic showmanship. Although he never received an Olympic or World title, his unique artistic vision forever changed the sport of figure skating. For Toller, skating was more than a sport, it was a way to express himself.

The Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Athlete Award celebrates Next Gen skaters who display exceptional artistry on ice at the 2018 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships at the Novice and Junior levels.

Each winner will also receive a free pair of industry-leading boots and blades courtesy of Jackson Ultima Skates.

“I am currently preparing to move up to Junior level this season and I know this means I will have to face lots of challenges”, explained Leah Lee, one of this year’s recipients of the award. “Receiving this award motivates me tremendously to continue to work hard, overcome these challenges and one day become a member of Team Canada, representing Canada internationally.”

The awards are presented at Skate Canada Sectional awards banquets by former Olympic competitors, family, and friends of Toller’s from coast to coast. The last event this year took place on June 9th.

The Toller Cranston Memorial Fund was established by the Canadian Olympic Foundation shortly after Toller’s death in 2015. The fund is a way to show appreciation for the artistry he brought to the world of figure skating and to financially assist young skaters who possess the same artistic values and style as he did.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation and Skate Canada are proud to announce the Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Athlete Award winners for 2018:

Alexis Lay – Novice Men
Alicia Fabbri – Junior Ice Dance
Bruce Waddell – Junior Ice Dance
Claudio Pietrantonio – Junior Ice Dance
Corey Circelli – Junior Men
Daria Carr – Novice Women
Emma Bulawka – Junior Women
Iliya Kovler – Junior Men
Leah Lee – Novice Women
Miku Makita – Novice Ice Dance
Natalie D’Alessandro – Junior Ice Dance
Tim Pomares – Novice Men
Tyler Gunara – Novice Ice Dance
Zoé Duval-Yergeau – Junior Men

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