Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje to sit out ISU Grand Prix events

OTTAWA, ON: World bronze medallists Kaitlyn Weaver, 29, Toronto, Ont., and Andrew Poje, 31, Waterloo, Ont., will sit out the ISU Grand Prix circuit this season.

“Over the last 12 consecutive years, we have committed ourselves 100 percent to becoming champions in ice dance, representing our country on the international stage, and enjoying this incredible journey — challenges and accomplishments alike — together every step of the way.  This past season provided us with the most incredible memories, including finishing on the podium at the world championships in Milan. Fulfilling this accomplishment gave us time and the opportunity to reflect on how we would like to continue our skating career. Through a very patient, analytical, and thoughtful process, we have decided to forego the 2018 Grand Prix season. We plan to return to competition at the Canadian Tire National Skating Championships in January. We thank you for your understanding and allowing us to tailor our career to our best interests,” said Weaver and Poje.

Weaver and Poje are three-time world medallists, winning their most recent world medal at the 2018 world championships in Italy earlier this year. The two-time Canadian champions are coached by Nikolai Morozov and train in Hackensack, NJ, USA.

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