Behind the Blades with Lubov Ilyushechkina: Nebelhorn Trophy 2016

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to announce my first blog. Here I’d like to share with you some inside information about being a figure skater, sharing moments from our routine, memorable events and so forth.

Germany was the only country left, on the places I wanted to visit. Either a big city or a small town I was looking forward to complete my wish-to-visit-countries list.

Dylan and I stayed in a sophisticated european style hotel in the centre of Obersdorf. The impression of the town was positive, from the old-fashioned architectural buildings, friendly windows sprinkled by flowers to the winding streets paved by massive rocks. Men of all ages dressed up as cowboys as they followed the herd of cows from the mountain across the town. The enviroment was breathing by a charm and an antiquity brought through the time.

The weather was very nice. You know that feeling when you wake up, open the window, slowly breath in the fresh morning air, raise your hands up and your lips start stretching in the joyful smile? That’s how four of my mornings had started except the last one, when we left before the sunrise. That definitely set the mood to enjoy every single day.

I’m already missing you, Obersdorf! @NebelhornTrophy2016 @lindamoscovitch thanks for the picture!

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With all of this positive and relaxing enviroment, I did not feel nervous or worried. The practices went well – we were consistent with our elements, trusted our training and all our hard work. Our coach Lee Barkell, said: “Nothing more, nothing less. You dont need an extra effort.” Isn’t that great advice?

We went to do the run through with the feeling of lightness and enjoyment from the beginning to the end of each program. The goal was to make all the elements look like one action with the choreography, transitions and emotions. Training does not compare to the experience you’ll get from competition, considering the adrenaline rush and unexpected change of plans.  So we wanted to see how all the patterns, tricks and skating worked under the pressure. Here is a good thing, it didn’t change much. Each program felt like one motion with it’s own character. We were happy about our performance and received a lot of positive feedback about the elements, programs and outfits. Of course there is always more to improve. But this is the beginning of the season, and I’m sure that the next time you will see a better version of ourselves.

One more thing I want to mention that is very important to me is our award. We had our award ceremony after the long program and then we had a team award. In total with the overall score, #TeamCanada came first in this competition. I’m so proud to know I was  part of this great success! The country I love, won!

I was honored to go to the team award ceremony and to hold the Trophy. I was glowing of triumph while listening to “O, Canada.” And this is only the beginning.

I hope my little story lasted some tender emotions in your hearts like Obersdorf left in mine. Wish you only the best and positive emotions, just like Germany gave me.

Take care!
Always yours,

Lubov Ilyushechkina

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