Skate Canada celebrates our volunteer officials on National Officials Day!

Skate Canada officials are passionate. They’re dedicated.

And they’re volunteers.

Today, as the Canadian sporting community celebrates National Officials Day, we honour Skate Canada’s devoted and accomplished officials who give so much to our sport from the grassroots to the Olympic level.

“On behalf of Skate Canada, I would like to take a moment to thank all our officials for the infinite dedication and passion they have for our sport,” said Skate Canada President Leanna Caron, also an active official. “Officials have a tremendous impact on the development of our athletes both on and off the ice contributing to their development as individuals.

“Officials selflessly devote their time and expertise providing feedback to skaters as they pursue their goals and ambitions while approaching their officiating task respecting all elements of fair play.  They are truly an important part of skating in Canada.”

Officials are truly the backbone for our sport. Judges, referees, data specialists, evaluators, technical specialists and controllers give their time to support the participation of all skaters in various ways, including test days, competitions, monitoring sessions, workshops and educational seminars.

“I encourage Canadians to take a moment and thank all Skate Canada officials for their hard work and dedication as volunteers,” says Karen Howard, Chair of Skate Canada’s Officials Assignment & Promotion Committee. “These dedicated individuals give back to our sport by doing something they love, and play a significant role in figure skating right across the country.”

“At the heart of any successful organization are the people,” says André-Marc Allain, Chair of the Skate Canada Officials Development Committee. “Our officials continue to dedicate countless hours ‎to support the development of skating in Canada, be it at the community/grass root level or on the national/international stage. What is further admirable is that a very large majority of these officials also spend numerous hours off ice perfecting and honing their skills to an even greater degree by participating in a number of educational and learning seminars. These officials are truly committed to giving their most optimal performance whether at a test day, at a monitoring session or at a competition for the benefit of all skaters.”

Thank You Volunteers.

For more information on Skate Canada officials, or if you want to get involved in becoming an official, please contact your Skate Canada section office or  visit the Skate Canada Officials page.


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