ICYMI: A look back at #Worlds2016

For some, the ISU World Figure Championships marked a return to glory.

Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford - Gold

For others, #Worlds2016 was a valuable, and necessary, learning experience that will pay dividends in the future.

With the 2016 world championships now in the books, some Team Canada members share final thoughts on their experience in Boston:

Meagan Duhamel / Eric Radford
“We are so happy and so proud to come here and deliver the performances that we worked so hard for. We believed in ourselves and we knew this result was possible.” – Meagan Duhamel

“We weren’t considered as strong as contenders as compared to last season. It feels great because it is difficult not to doubt yourself when everybody else has that expectation of you. As long you can believe you can do it, you can make it happen.” – Eric Radford

Lubov Ilyushechkina /Dylan Moscovitch

“It’s our second year together, and I think we made a huge step forward this week. As with any new team, it takes time to progress and you can’t buy that time. We’re ready to show what we can do and this week was pivotal for our partnership.” – Dylan Moscovitch

Kirsten Moore – Towers / Michael Marinaro

“With two personal best performances here it sets us up well for next season. I’m thrilled.” – Kirsten Moore-Towers

Gabrielle Daleman

“I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and now I know I can be with the top skaters, Now I am going to go home, push myself even more and get ready for next year. I know I’ll get there one day.” – Gabrielle Daleman

Patrick Chan

‘’There is really nothing to be upset about. As much as we all want to win, it’s great to be here and feel that pressure.’’ – Patrick Chan

Nam Nguyen

Kaitlyn Weaver / Andrew Poje

“We felt really prepared for the competition. But that didn’t come through in the performance. We are still proud of the effort we put into it and the growth we still have to push into the future.” – Andrew Poje

Piper Gilles / Paul Poirier

“This was definitely an exciting week. To be in the last group after the short dance was something we almost weren’t expecting. Both of us are really proud of what we did here. I think we are getting more comfortable being with the top competitors in the world.” – Piper Gilles

“We are so proud how we’ve been able to push the programs the last few weeks and to finish the season with two personal bests is really exciting.’’ – Paul Poirier

Elisabeth Paradis / François-Xavier Ouellette

“It was a lot of fun and we were really proud to be here. After this experience, I think it will really help us for next year.”– Elisabeth Paradis

Missing from team photo: Alaine Chartrand & Nam Nguyen


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