Canadian skaters return from 2014 ISU Adult Competition with 34 medals

Canada’s adult figure skaters had a successful week at the 10th annual International Skating Union (ISU) Adult Figure Skating Competition held in Oberstdorf, Germany, from May 25-31, 2014. The team consisting of 50 Canadians took home a total of 34 medals, including 10 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 10 bronze medals.

The competition drew a record 432 skaters plus 12 synchronized skating teams, between the ages of 28-78, from 28 countries. Canadian skaters showed great prowess in the record-sized fields that ran as high as 35 entries.

“The Canadian team in Oberstdorf did a phenomenal job representing our country both on and off the ice,” said Dan Thompson, Skate Canada Chief Executive Officer. “They truly embody the positive healthy lifestyle seen throughout the adult skating community, while achieving excellence in competition.”

ISU President Ottavio Cinquanta was in attendance last week and echoed these sentiments: “The enthusiasm and passion for ice skating that adult skaters transmit is a gift for the entire skating community.”

The Canadian medalists at the 2014 ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition were:

Gold medalists:
Jannette Wood (Ladies Artistic Bronze III)
Annette Nymeyer (Ladies Artistic Silver III)
Jacob Brunott (Men Artistic Bronze III)
Linda Maundrell (Ladies Artistic Bronze V)
Gary Beacom (Men Artistic Master (Elite III & IV)
Diane Gilders (Ladies Bronze III Free Skate)
Terri-Lynn Black-Calleri & Jacob Brunott (Bronze Pattern Dance)
Ken Langlois & Alison Clark (Master Pattern Dance)
David Dickey (Men Gold III & IV Free Skate)
Gary Beacom (Men Master Elite III Free Skate)

Silver medalists:
Diane Gilder (Ladies Artistic Bronze III)
Don Murray (Men Artistic Silver III & IV)
Raye Ryan (Ladies Bronze IV & V Free skate)
Hisayo Shibata (Ladies Artistic Gold II
Gloria Purvey (Ladies Artistic Gold III & IV)
Denis La Rochelle (Men Silver IV & V Free Skate)
Sarina Tsai (Ladies Artistic Master (Elite) I)
Jannette Wood (Ladies Bronze III Free Skate)
Hisayo Shibata (Ladies Master Elite II Free Skate)
Diana Barkley & Geoff Squires (Gold Pattern Dance)
Sarina Tsai (Ladies Master Elite I Free Skate)
Diana Barkley & Geoff Squires (Ice Dance Master Short Dance)
Sue Edwards & Jim Wilkins (Ice Dance Bronze Free Dance)
Diana Barkley & Geoff Squires (Ice Dance Master and Elite Master Free Dance)

Bronze medalists:
Joan McGrath (Ladies Artistic Bronze III)
Denis La Rochelle (Men Artistic Silver III & IV)
Francesco Ventura (Men Artistic Gold III & IV)
Jeffrey Bullard (Men Artistic Bronze III)
James Wilkins (Men Artistic Bronze IV)
Francesco Ventura (Men Silver IV & V Free Skate)
David Dickey (Men Artistic Master (Elite) III & IV)
Michelle Lamothe (Ladies Artistic Silver IV)
Gloria Purvey (Ladies Gold III Free Skate)
Luda Kalenuk (Ladies Artistic Master and Elite Master II & III)

The ISU Adult Working Group also took the opportunity to announce next year’s event, which takes place May 18-24, 2015 in Oberstdorf, Germany.

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