How do I subscribe for the Skate Canada Live Streaming Season Ticket?
Click here to view information on the Skate Canada Live Streaming Season Ticket or subscribe using the secure registration form. To view upcoming events, please see the 2013-14 live streaming schedule.

I am a Skate Canada Member. Am I eligible for a discount?
The Live Streaming Season Ticket is a low, one-time payment of $19.95 for all subscribers. The live streaming initiative is fully funded by Skate Canada as an added value to our members and fans. This low, one-time cost allows us to keep live streaming costs manageable.

What methods of payment can I use to purchase my Skate Canada Live Streaming Season Ticket?
Currently, we are only accepting VISA and MasterCard credit cards as payment.

When does the Skate Canada Live Streaming Season Ticket expire?
Your subscription for the 2013-14 season will terminate on August 31, 2014.

How can I watch a live stream using my subscription?
Once you have subscribed for your Live Streaming Season Ticket, you may access any of the events by signing in with your username and password used during the registration process. Streaming times will be made available approximately one week prior to the start of the event. Once the stream is set to go live and you have signed in, you will see the event live streaming link and be able to watch the live stream.

What does my subscription include?
Your Skate Canada Live Streaming Season Ticket allows you to view streamed events during the 2013-14 season, as well as event archives. Please refer to the 2013-14 Skate Canada live streaming schedule for any blackout restrictions that may apply.

Can I purchase individual events or do I have to buy the entire Season Ticket?
Subscribers will be charged a low one-time fee of $19.95 for the entire 2013-14 season. If you just want to watch one event, the same fee will apply, although you will also have access to the entire season of streaming.

I cannot remember my password? How can I retrieve it?
You may reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password link on the sign-in page.

Are there any events blacked out in my viewing area?
To honour agreements with our broadcast partners, there may be instances where an event will be available in Canada only. Currently, there are no blackouts scheduled for the 2013-14 season.

What is the Skate Canada Live Streaming Subscription refund policy?
Refunds will be granted to users, provided the request is made within seven (7) days of the Season Ticket purchase. Refunds will not be given after the first event of the season has been streamed.

What about a refund for an individual event?
Refunds will not be issued for individual events unless the event is not streamed or if technical issues make viewing the stream impossible. Skate Canada is not responsible for slow streaming or buffering due to the user’s internet connection, lack of bandwidth or related issue. Due to the technical nature of live streaming, buffering and/or slow streaming may occur periodically.

Am I able to access my account and live streaming from any computer?
Yes, you may access live streaming from any computer provided you have your username and password.

I have friends and family who would like to view the stream. Can I share my account login information with them?
Sharing your login information is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances will sharing a username and/or password be permitted. User logs are monitored frequently, and violators will have their season ticket cancelled immediately with no refund.

When will I be able to access the on-demand archives?
Most events will be archived within an hour following completion of the event unless otherwise noted. On-demand archives will be available for a minimum one (1) month after the event is completed.

Can I post archived videos on YouTube or any other video sharing site?
No, performances and streaming archives are fully owned by Skate Canada. Users posting performances on YouTube or any other site without written permission of Skate Canada will have their membership cancelled without refund.


The stream has constant buffering or is choppy. What is causing this?
We closely monitor our streams and if it is a technical issue inside the arena, which is rare, we will attempt to notify users by posting a message on the stream page. We will also attempt to have the problem rectified as soon as possible. Otherwise, the problem could be with your internet connection or related issue. You may want to check that you have enough bandwidth to “pull” in the stream. Use a trusted bandwidth testing website and make sure you are pulling in at least 300 Kbp. If you are not, please contact your internet service provider. You may also want to clear out your browser cache by deleting temporary internet files.

How can I contact customer support if I am having issues with my stream?
If you are having issues and cannot find the answer in these FAQs, you may email skatetv@skatecanada.ca. Please make sure you have your user name and the email address you used when registering. PLEASE NOTE: No refunds will be issued after the beginning of the season unless an event is not streamed. Skate Canada is not responsible for problems arising from a user’s internet speed, insufficient bandwidth or technical problems not related to the broadcaster.

Why is it when I click on the stream it will not play?
Please make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer, as well as having Java AND cookies enabled. You may also want to clear the History and Temporary Internet files on your computer.


How do I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing skatetv@skatecanada.ca. However, no refunds will be given if it has been more than seven (7) days since the Season Ticket purchase, and/or provided the user has not accessed their account to view a live stream. Refunds will not be given after the first scheduled event of the season has been streamed.

You can contact a Skate Canada Customer Service representative by emailing skatetv@skatecanada.ca.


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