Becoming a Figure Skating Judge/Evaluator

Judges/evaluators are usually former skaters. Candidates who wish to become qualified to judge/ evaluate, must attend Skate Canada approved clinics, trial judge and pass both a written and video identification exam at each level. Each discipline of skating, singles, pair, dance and synchronized skating requires individualized training.

Where Judges Start

The progression of competitive judges is similar to that of competitive skaters, beginning at the club level and moving through various levels. Normally competitive judges begin as test evaluators.

Evaluators assess skills at the Primary, Intermediate and Senior test levels, working with the skater and coach. A rating scale of excellent, good, satisfactory and needs improvement is used for each component of each test.

Competitive Judging

Section Judge

A judge begins to judge competitions at the inter-club or juvenile level and advances to the senior Sectional level. Progress from one level to the next is determined by the judge's activity, success at the previous level attendance at training seminars, passing the appropriate written exam and technical knowledge.

Canadian Judge

To qualify as a Canadian Championship judge, the candidates must have been a senior Sectional Championship Judge for at least one year and have judged successfully in at least two Sectional Championships and one Divisional (Challenge) Championship, attended training clinics and pass exams required by Skate Canada.

International Judge

A judge may be nominated to become an international judge after she or he has been a Canadian Championship judge for at least two years, passed the appropriate Skate Canada examinations and attended at least one national or international seminar. International judges must conform to the requirements as set by the ISU. International judges must be less than 45 years old when first appointed and retirement is mandatory at age 70.

ISU Judge

The highest level a judge can attain is that of the ISU Championships judge. These judges are eligible to judge at World and Olympic Championships. The judge must have a minimum of three years experience as an international judge, pass the required examinations and form to the ISU requirements.


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