As Skate Canada Professional Coaches we believe coaching is a privilege earned through our commitment to:

  • Competently and professionally serving the athlete as a role model, teacher, coach, athlete manager, strategist, and volunteer.
  • Developing a well-rounded individual and creating a positive sport environment that will promote physical development and well-being, mental development and positive self image, social skills development, creativity and artistic development, discipline, self-reliance and independence, and principles of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Providing quality service to and being accountable to the athletes, parents, clubs and schools, community, and Skate Canada.
  • Sharing knowledge with athletes, coaching peers, clubs and schools, volunteers and Skate Canada.
  • Continuous improvement and education.
  • Maintaining an open-minded attitude to new ideas and change.
  • Supporting the strategic priorities, goals and objectives of Skate Canada.
  • Conducting oneself in a manner that is befitting of a coaching professional and that is compliant with Skate Canada and ISU rules, regulations and policies.


These messages were developed by the Advisory Coaching Committee to help guide coaches and coaching programs for the 2013-2014 skating season.

  1. Achieve a gold, silver, or bronze status in the Continuous Education Program
  2. Educate yourself on the Cumulative Points Calculation judging system and the Long Term Athlete Development model (LTADM)
  3. Take responsibility for your education and your business
  4. Manage your athletes
  5. Develop fit athletes
  6. Earn the respect of others
  7. Model, encourage and support ethical coaching behavior
  8. Ensure a safe and welcoming environment
  9. Anticipate and embrace change
  10. Share information and embrace a team teaching approach

This Vision for Coaching and Key Messages was established by the Advisory Coaching Committee (ACC) in September 2000 and was revised and approved by the Coaching Development Committee in September 2013.

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