By: Mairi Liska

Born on September 1st, 1982 in Smooth Rock Falls Ontario, Jeffery Buttle started skating at the age of two and was competing by the age of six. He competed in ice dancing with his older sister Meghan. During his career, Jeffery trained at the Mariposa School of Skating in Barrie Ontario. He attended Ecole elementaire Marie-Curie, a French language elementary school. Although his family was not French Canadian, Jeffery is perfectly bilingual.

Early on in his career, Jeffery won the silver medal at the Canadian Junior Figure skating championships in 1998. He made his international debut as a senior skater in 2001 – 2002 and won a silver medal at the NHK Trophy behind Takeshi Honda from Japan. At his first Canadian Championship, he placed third which allowed him to compete at the 2002 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships where he won his first gold medal.

At the Olympics in 2006, Jeffery was behind in sixth place after a disappointing short program but skated a flawless long program to place third overall and win the bronze medal. At the 2008 World Figure Skating Championships, Jeffery was first place and the first Men’s World Champion in 11 years.

He has also received recognition for his off ice style. In 2002, International figure Skating magazine named him one of the “Ten Most Beautiful people In Figure Skating.”

Jeffery Buttle also takes a lot of pride in pursuing his education. He has attended the University of Toronto for three years, studying chemical engineering.

Skate Canada announced on September 16th, that Jeffery Buttle is retiring from Competitive Figure Skating. He thanked many people, including his family, for the wonderful opportunities that figure skating has provided him.

I admire Jeffery Buttle because he is an exceptionally talented figure skater. Not many people appreciate figure skating and its physical and training demands. When Jeffery steps out on to the ice and starts skating, it is almost like magic the way his skates and the music work as one and seems as though Jeffery is just going along for the ride. Yet, when the music stops and he stand breathless at center ice and the crowd goes wild, you can easily see why he deserves to be standing at the top of the podium with the gold medal hanging around his neck. As a Figure Skater, this is one reason why he inspires me so much. Another reason is because he is so dedicated to his education, family, friends, and fans.

Although Jeffery Buttle has retired from competitive skating, his confidence, determination, dedication, and his commitment to the sport will keep me motivated on and off the ice.

Thanks Buttle, you’re my hero!

Mairi Liska


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