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Skate Canada Professional Coaches

To teach Skate Canada programs, coaches must be National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) trained and/or certified and they must also be a current registered professional coaching member of Skate Canada. They must have completed a Skate Canada approved clearance check and positions of trust check, and hold a valid First Aid Certificate.

The minimum standards to teach Skate Canada programs are:

a) Coaches teaching figure skating

Individuals must attain full certification as a Primary STARSkate Coach, within 2 years from the date of completion of the Primary STARSkate Technical workshop.

b) Coaches only teaching CanSkate

Skate Canada Professional Coaches who only teach CanSkate in a Skate Canada club or skating school are required to complete:

  • CanSkate Coach Training
  • CanSkate Assignment

Individuals must attain full CanSkate coach certification within two years of the date they FIRST register as a Skate Canada coach OR they must attend the Primary STARSkate Technical workshop within two years of first registering as a Skate Canada coach.

c) Coaches only teaching CanPowerSkate

Entry Pre-Requisites:

  1. Must be at least 16 years of age
  2. Must be a current registered Skate Canada associate member
  3. Figure Skating Pathway Entry: Completed the NCCP Instruction Stream – Beginner workshop (CanSkate) equivalent or higher
  4. Hockey Pathway Entry: Completed the NCCP Community Sport Coach Stream workshop (Coach 1 – Intro to Coach or Coach 2 – Coach Level) equivalent or higher
  5. Ringette Pathway Entry: Completed the NCCP Community Sport Coach Stream workshop (Community Sport-initiation) equivalent or higher

Training Requirements:

  1. Complete the 2-day CanPowerSkate course successfully

Evaluation Requirements to obtain “CanPowerSkate Coach” Status:

  1. Passed CanPowerSkate coach’s exam
  2. Passed On-ice practice teaching lesson
  3. Emergency Action Plan (EAP) if not already completed successfully in the Skate Canada, Hockey Canada, or Ringette Canada coaching workshops

Coach Registration

  1. Valid First Aid
  2. Complete Skate Canada approved Back Check
  3. Making Ethical Decisions (MED) on-line evaluation available on CAC’s website
  4. 5 CEP Points


Find out more about NCCP training and certification requirements.

Skate Canada Professional Coaching Membership

Skate Canada strives to provide its coaches with quality tools and training so that they can provide skaters with the best quality coaching possible. Being a valuable Skate Canada Professional Coach entitles a member to the following benefits:

  • Coverage through the Skate Canada group liability insurance program and the Skate Canada group accident insurance program
  • Access to National Coach Certification Programs and quality training clinics and materials
  • Access to the “Members Only” area of Skate Canada’s web site, which includes the Official Rule Book and/or annual amendments packages, Professionally Speaking, personal access to your profile including on-line registration, important programming updates and other valuable resources and information
  • Opportunity to receive accreditation to Skate Canada qualifying events
  • Representation on Skate Canada Committees and the Skate Canada Board of Directors
  • Access to saleable Skate Canada program material and novelties in the catalogue and/or on-line store at a special member price
  • Core Skate Canada information by mail exclusive to Skate Canada members
  • Access to Skate Canada’s Advantage Program – as a coaching member you are able to purchase tickets to designated Skate Canada events/competitions in advance of tickets being released for sale to the general public.

Skate Canada Coach registration requirements
Effective September 1, 2009

Making Ethical Decisions (MED) On-Line EVALUATION Module (Comp-Int) – As a requirement of membership, all coaches must complete the Making Ethical Decisions online evaluation to become a registered Skate Canada coaching member. This evaluation is only completed once in a coach’s career. To complete this evaluation successfully we suggest coaches become familiar with the MED reference material. Here’s how to access it!

Reference Material:

MED On-Line Module on CAC Website:

Once you have successfully completed the online evaluation, your file on the NCCP Database will be automatically updated. To view your transcript online, please visit the Coaching Association of Canada and login using the same username and password you used to access the online evaluation. Please include your MED online evaluation result with your registration information and forward everything to the Member Services Department at

Clearance Check and Positions of Trust Disclosure Consent

As a condition of membership, Skate Canada Professional Coaches must consent to a clearance check and positions of trust check through a company specified by Skate Canada.

Approved First Aid Courses for Professional Coaches

The St. John’s Ambulance and Red Cross courses continue to be the preferred first aid courses. However, in extenuating circumstances other first aid courses may be considered for approval by the Skate Canada Coaching and Skating Programs Department and consequently be submitted for the purposes of certification and accreditation.

Courses other than St. John’s Ambulance or Red Cross must satisfy the following criteria in order to be approved:

  • The course must be between 6-8 hours in length;
  • The course must have an expiry of three years or less;
  • The course must include a practical evaluation of First Aid procedures;
  • The course must be emergency related.

Coaches Code of Ethics

As a condition of membership, Skate Canada Professional Coaches agree to respect and abide by the Skate Canada Coaches Code of Ethics at all times. Professional coaches are required to provide a copy of this code to all of their customers.