Competition Stream

NCCP Competition-Introduction – Provincial Coach

(former Level 2 program)

Entry prerequisites:

Coaches must be either Primary STARSkate coach trained or certified

Requirements for Intermediate STARSkate/provincial coach (ISPC) trained:

1.    Complete the ISPC home study guide
2.    Attend the ISPC sport science course and complete the required workbook
3.    Attend the ISPC stroking & skating skills course and complete the required workbook
4.    Attend the ISPC singles course and complete the required workbook
5.    Attend the ISPC dance course and complete the required workbook
6.    Attend the ISPC pairs & synchronized skating course and complete the required workbooks

Requirements for provincial coach evaluated and certified:

Prerequisite: must have an ISPC trained status

1.    Video lessons: 

  • Submit one technical video lesson with a lesson plan at the juvenile or pre-novice competitive level and;
  • Submit one stroking lesson or skating skills lesson with a lesson plan at the juvenile or pre-novice competitive level

2.    Video analysis and music CD:

  • Submit a video analysis and music CD of a juvenile or pre-novice skater/team whose program you have designed or choreographed

3.    Have a skater pass a Senior Bronze skills test or higher.

4.    Have a skater/team qualify and compete at a sectional championship level or higher caliber competition (i.e. Junior Nationals, Nationals, etc.) and provide a protocol of the event as proof with your Practical Coaching Record Form.

5.    Must complete the Make Ethical Decision (MED) on-line evaluation at


1.    ISPC Trained (home study + five courses and workbooks)
2.    Provincial coach evaluated (trained status, two video lessons,  video analysis  and attend a sectional championship competition with the athlete)
3.    Provincial coach certified (evaluated status + MED)

CAC Transition Status: Skate Canada has received full approval of this program.

 To register for a course or for more detailed information, contact your Section Course Administrator.

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Draft NCCP Competition-Development Coach

{See Instruction-Advanced (Level 3) for current requirements}

Entry: Fast-track coach candidate or coach of competitive skaters

Core Training Requirements:

  1. Cumulative Points Calculation – understanding and use of the judging system to develop strategies/tactics
  2. Long Term Athlete Development (physical preparation, nutrition, design a sport program)
  3. Support to Athletes in Training (technical training, plan a competitive practice, biomechanics, music/choreography and analyze performance)
  4. Mental Preparation-Performance Psychology for the Coach and Elite Athlete
  5. Manage Sport Program/Support to Athletes in Competition
  6. Making Ethical Decisions

Evaluation Requirements:

  1. Completion of a workbook, analysis of competition results
  2. Completion of planning journal
  3. Submission of a video, workbook/assignment
  4. Submission of a workbook and competition plan for performance psychology
  5. Submission of a workbook and competition plan
  6. Making ethical decisions on-line evaluation

Certification Requirements:

  1. Coached an athlete/team at the National Championships
  2. Submission of a competition plan of the coach’s athlete/team for on-site analysis of the performance
  3. Analyzing performance on video (error detection/correction, identifying the level of difficulty – CPC)
  4. Teaching Component on-ice: demonstration of skills necessary to teach National level athletes (level of skill, communication of information, ability to detect and correct errors)
  5. Interview covering all six components in the training requirements listed above

Coach Title:

  • National Competitive Coach
  • National Development Competitive Coach

DRAFT *Other Professional Development opportunities would be made available, i.e. 6 core courses and a selection of three (3) additional courses of interest (as an example), using the Level 4/5 Program – please see High Performance Coaching Pathway.

CAC Transition Status: Skate Canada has not yet completed the context approval process.

To register for a course or for more detailed information, contact your Section Course Administrator.

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NCCP Competition-High Performance Coach (Level 4/5 Program)

4 or 5*
  Energy Systems
4 or 5*
  Strength Training
    Music and Choreography
    Nutrition for Optimal Performance
4 or 5
  Environmental Factors and Performance
4 or 5
  Recovery and Regeneration
    Mental Preparation for Coaches
    Mental Preparation for Elite Athletes
    Practical Coaching: Advanced Skills Training by Discipline
4 or 5
  Biomechanical Analysis of Advanced Skills
    Practical Coaching: Advanced Strategy and Tactics
    Planning and Periodization: Optimal Sequencing of Sport Science, Training and Competitive Activities
    Analysis of Competitive Performances (Debut to Final)
    Practical Coaching: Training Camp, Seminar or School
4 or 5
  Practical Coaching: International Assignment
4 or 5
  Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
Leadership and Ethics
4 or 5
  Strategic Program Construction using CPC (Cumulative Points Calculation)
Canadian Sport System
National Team Program

Level 4 Certification - Must complete 12 Tasks in total. must do either task #1 or 2 plus tasks #3,4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and two other tasks, and have a skater/team place in the top half of the Canadian Championships.
Level 5 Certification - Must complete remaining 8 Tasks

Coach Title:

  • International Competitive Coach
  • World/Olympic Coach
  • Elite World/Olympic Coach

For more information contact Skate Canada at

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