Skate Canada Records

Read below how Canadian records are established, and how a Skate Canada section can report a record set at one of their events.

Current Canadian Records

As of February 17, 2014

    Name Date Competition Score
Women's Joannie Rochette (QC) 16.01.2010 Canadian Championships 208.23
Men's Patrick Chan (CO) 22.01.2012 Canadian Championships 302.14
Pair Meagan Duhamel/Eric Radford (QC) 11.01.2014 Canadian Championships 213.62
Ice Dance * Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir (WO) 17.02.2014 Olympic Winter Games 190.99
Synchronized NEXXICE Senior 16.04.2009 ISU World Synchronized Skating 223.58
    Name Date Competition Score
Women's Meagan Duhamel (NO) 27.08.2004 ISU Junior Grand Prix (Courchevel) 152.40
Men's Elladj Baldé (QC)  11.10.2008 ISU Junior Grand Prix (Cape Town, South Africa) 184.89
Pair Margaret Purdy / Michael Marinaro 03.03.2013 ISU World Junior Championships (Milan, Italy) 154.70
Ice Dance * Tessa Virtue / Scott Moir (WO) 10.09.2005 ISU Junior Grand Prix (Andorra) 151.35
Synchronized NEXXICE Junior 16.03.2009 World Challenge Cup for Juniors 184.32
    Name Date Competition Score
Women's Veronik Mallet (QC) 02.12.2010 Western and Eastern Challenge 114.22
Men's Daniel-Olivier Boulanger-Trottier (QC) 15.01.2013 Canadian  Championships 128.53
Pair Kyra Moscovitch / Dylan Moscovitch (CO) 05.02.2005 Junior Nationals 118.29
Ice Dance Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang (BC/YT) 18.01.2011 Junior Nationals 96.75
    Name Date Competition Score
Women's Théa Araji (QC) 07.12.2013 Skate Canada Challenge 95.36
Men's Jordan Ju (BC/YT) 07.12.2008 Western Challenge 103.12
Pair Zoey Brown/Ian Beharry (WO) 07.03.2007 Canada Winter Games 94.29
Ice Dance Madeline Edwards/Zhao Kai Pang (BC/YT) 03.12.2009 Western and Eastern Challenge 72.56

*Junior and Senior Ice Dance scores prior to July 1, 2010 have been recalculated to reflect the elimination of compulsory dances allowing comparisons to the current two segment competitions

Criteria for Canadian Records

With the inception of the CPC judging system we are now able to track performances over seasons and mark the outstanding achievements of our athletes in real measurable terms. The following outlines the process for marking these high scores.

High scores are tracked in the three disciplines of Singles, Pairs and Ice Dance. Due to the significant changes from previous seasons in well balanced program criteria, principles of calculation and the scale of values, a similar set of records has no not yet been established for Synchronized Skating. The scores in Synchronized are not yet statistically comparable from season to season.

A Canadian record is the Total Competition Score for a skater or team in one competition. Only the combined total of all segments in one competition will be considered. A Canadian Record can be set at any of the following competitions:

·  Olympic Winter Games

·  ISU Championships

·  ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating or Final

·  ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating or Final

·  Senior or Junior International Competition assigned by Skate Canada

·  Canadian Championships

·  Canada Winter Games

·  Skate Canada Challenge

The following competitions do not count towards a Canadian record:

·  Domestic Invitational Competitions

·  Novice / Pre-Novice International Competitions

·  Senior or Junior International Competitions assigned by Sections

·  Sectional Championships

The Canadian Records list shall be maintained by the Skate Canada national office. It is the responsibility of each section to report to Skate Canada when a record has been set at their event. The section must inform the Office in a timely manner and provide the following information:

·  Name of the skater(s)

·  Date of the record

·  Category results detailing the total segment scores and the total competition score for the skater

·  Skater Detail Sheets by Official showing all GOE and Program Component Scores awarded for each segment forming the total score

New high scores should be forwarded to coaching& as soon as possible after the competition in question.

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