(March 27, 2009) – I saw the phrase “easier done than said” and I thought to myself that someone had gotten their words mixed up.  On further reflection though, the cleverness of it caught up to me and I loved how it made sense for me and the way I see figure skating.

As I watched the pairs event and the crowning for the second straight year of Germans, Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy, I realized that they are the epitome of this sentiment.  The same goes for Canada’s silver medalists Meaghan Duhamel and Craig Buntin who finished in 8th place.  They both sailed under the radar and were intent on their job which was doing the best possible programs in both the short and free. In the case of Duhamel and Buntin, their free program may have fallen below their expectations but their work ethic, passion for the sport and desire did not. 

The entire Canadian team at these world championships has been very impressive in the way I have just described.  Instead of talking the subject to death, our skaters have been poised and composed and prepared to go out and do what they have been training all season to do.  In other words, this prepared, it is definitely a case of “easier done than said” and letting the results happen the way they are going to.

On CBC Newsworld on Thursday, host Andrew Nichols remarked on how impressed he was that Patrick Chan was able to acknowledge his disappointment at a third place finish in the short and then “park it” and move on.  There is a lot to be said for an attitude like that especially when it can produce the performance tonight that earned him a silver medal; easier done than said.

That is the shift that I have seen in Canada’s skaters over this past year.  They are willing to put in the hard work and with two events now completed at Worlds and still two more to come, it is clear that they are ready to not only compete but to contend in that quiet, cool and confident way. Forget the talk; it’s easier done than said.

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