(April 24, 2009) – As National Volunteer Week comes to an end, Skate Canada would like to highlight some of the great volunteers from across the country that have donated their time, spirit and energy to help make Skate Canada the organization that it is today!

Check out the testimonials below from some of our all-star volunteers!

“My best experience as a volunteer is watching young skaters get excited about being in the ice shows. I also love watching kids reach their dreams. My worst experience was the curtain falling down before the start of the ice show!” Cindy P (Saskatchewan Section)

“I started volunteering with skating when my kids started to skate in 2002. For skating in particular, not only do I enjoy spending time with my three kids and being involved with them, I enjoy putting smiles on any skater’s face and help them to develop a love for the sport.” - Keith F (Western Ontario Section)

“I look upon volunteering as an opportunity to give back to the community, skating club, coaches, members and their families.  Serving in the capacity as President of a skating club, I find it particularly rewarding to provide leadership and mentorship to my fellow Board Members and to offer guidance with decisions that benefit all members.  Our community is built upon the generosity of many and as a volunteer I appreciate being counted on as one of the many that are making a difference!” - Laura R (Central Ontario Section)

“My daughter figure skates, so I naturally volunteered. I am also on the Skate Saskatoon Board and have assisted with the club for as many years as my daughter has skated (10 years).”  - Charlie H (Saskatchewan Section)

“Volunteering with the Special Olympics organization has given so many opportunities that I never dreamt of.  The opportunity to share my passion and to give back to the sport of figure skating has been very rewarding. Not only have I been given the chance to travel across Canada but also around the world to places like Austria, Japan and USA. It has been so fulfilling to have the chance to meet and work with so many wonderful people who have the same goal of enriching the lives of people with an intellectual disability.” - Janet C (Central Ontario Section)

“I took the kids to the rink and when you live in a rural community and there is work to be done – you do it!” Ruth S (Saskatchewan Section)

“Over the years we have had a lot of very memorable volunteering experiences both good and bad. The bad ones you quickly forget and chock it up to the experience. The good experiences you keep for a lifetime!” Ivan H (Saskatchewan Section)

These are just a few stories of the many Skate Canada volunteers. With over 10,000 volunteers nationwide Skate Canada has many all-star volunteers! From the smallest rural hamlets to the largest urban cities, Skate Canada is lucky to have so many dedicated people always willing and eager to lend a helping hand!

Thank you to all the volunteers for another year of hard work!

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